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3 Types of Roman Blinds to Up your Décor Game!

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Roman blinds are the type of blinds where the fabric draws up into pleats when the chord is pulled. They have an interesting origin story which not many people would have guessed.
Roman blinds are the type of blinds where the fabric draws up into pleats when the chord is pulled. They have an interesting origin story which not many people would have guessed. Also, they come in different types and designs – a fact you probably didn’t know when you decided to buy blinds online! Roman blinds were devised in Rome (of course!) during the construction of the Colosseum over 2000 years ago. The Roman blinds kept the construction dust and debris out of homes. As simple as that! Romans used wet cloth earlier, to keep the dust out, as they did not have glass windows. However, the wet cloth was no match for the amount of dust released during the construction, as the stone was ground up for the Colosseum. Thus, someone invented the Roman blinds, a contraption that would effectively keep the dust out!

Roman blinds were something of an old-fashioned and frumpy décor piece, a couple of decades ago. However, they are making a comeback in a huge way nowadays. They come in bright colours that facelift any room, or even in warm tones that can comfortably blend into your surroundings. The biggest advantage is that when Roman blinds are drawn up, they provide the effect of a decorative fabric valance that has been beautifully arranged to enhance your window frame.

As mentioned earlier, there are several designs or types of Roman blinds. You will find a vast array to choose from when you buy blinds online. Here are just a few of the types of Roman blinds:

1. Hobbled Roman Blinds: these are slightly different from the flat Roman blinds that are usually found in homes. The hobbled Roman blinds retain their soft, overlapping folds even when they are unfurled or fully extended. As a result, a flowing, cascade look is created, which closely resembles drapery. Thus it makes the window look more full and elegant even when it is in a lowered position. The extra cloth used to create this effect is also thicker and keeps more light out. They are usually preferred for formal spaces, or more intimate spaces like a powder room.

2. Double Roman blinds: These are more effective in protecting privacy and also keeping sunlight out, even when they are in a raised position. This is because they are made with an extra layer of fabric called the back shade, which is immobile and is made out of sheer material. This means that even when the blinds are raised, it blocks out visibility from the outside, and also blocks out the direct rays of the sun, while letting enough rays in to light up the room. When you buy Roman blinds online, you could consider these as they are great for office spaces and the living room of your home.

3. Cordless Roman blinds: This is perhaps the latest innovation on the Roman blinds and probably set to become the most popular choice in homes, especially those with children. Available in varied designs and sizes, these Roman blinds online are the perfect choice for your home, as it does not pose any danger to toddlers and small pets you may have in your house. These are easy to operate and maintain. They also provide you with varied light-control options.

There are a few more options on the market that you can choose from when you buy blinds online. Choose the one that best suits your décor and aesthetics, and also the unique requirements of your space. Watch Roman blinds light up and bring together your room!

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