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ABA Therapy - Autism Services Experts’ Answer for Commonly Asked Question

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One of the most effective, evidence-based therapies to improve communication, learning, and social skills, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard in therapies that help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
One of the most effective, evidence-based therapies to improve communication, learning, and social skills, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard in therapies that help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As Autism services experts, with ABA therapy programs in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Texas locations, we have seen families struggling to decide the best course of action after their child receives an ASD diagnosis. Besides scouring through various treatment and therapy options, they often have queries such as “Does my child really need ABA therapy?”, “Can this therapy adapt to my child’s unique needs and situations?”, “Will it be tough on my child?”, “Can ABA therapy produce tangible results?” and so on.

The highly qualified and experienced team at Behavior Pioneers sheds some light on these questions and explains why ABA therapy in Dallas Fort Worth may be one of the best things that parents can choose to help their children with Autism succeed.

ABA Therapy: Does it Work? How will it Benefit a Child with ASD?

When introduced in its original avatar by Dr. Ole Ivar Lovaas, ABA therapy involved intense behavior modification interventions for 40 hours a week, with rewards for good behaviors and severe punishment for unwanted behaviors. Fortunately, over the years,

- ABA has evolved into a completely customizable therapy that allows ABA therapists to create tailor-made interventions based on every child’s unique needs and goals.

- The therapy features a flexible and broad group of approaches and techniques that focus on positive reinforcement.

- Scientists and academicians across the world have researched and reviewed the newer and emerging versions of ABA therapy. Today, there is a huge amount of empirical evidence about the effectiveness of this therapy in improving critical motor skills, life skills and social skills, and reducing challenging behaviors. No other treatment or approach has as strong a scientific backing as ABA therapy for treating individuals with ASD.

Here are some of the reasons why children with Autism may benefit from ABA therapy:

1. Cope with Life Situations: ABA therapy involves tracking and responding to behaviors in order to improve the child’s independent living skills. If parents and caregivers imbibe ABA techniques and carry them forward beyond the formal therapy sessions, they can teach the child a number of useful skills. This includes brushing teeth, toileting, sleeping through the night, getting dressed, and several other essential behaviors needed to cope with day-to-day life situations.

2. Make Friends: Some of the behavior interventions used in ABA work wonders in terms of teaching social skills to children with Autism. The therapy focuses on strengthening language skills, improving communication skills, reducing problem behaviors, and increasing consistency of desirable behaviors. This can help children with ASD in forging connections, participating in social interactions, making friends, going on play dates, and enjoying their formative years as closely as neurotypical individuals do.

3. Succeed in Different Spheres of Life: In addition to establishing routines, learning life skills, or becoming socially active, ABA therapy coaches the child on self-monitoring and self-control techniques, and improves memory and attention. These skills go a long way in helping children with ASD accomplish specific tasks, such as academics or job related.

4. Improve Life Quality: ABA therapy equips parents and caregivers with useful behavioral interventions for capturing the child’s motivation, preventing mistakes, and responding in the moment. Essentially, ABA offers innovative parenting solutions that boosts the child’s behavior and confidence and improves the entire family’s quality of life.

5. Reach Maximum Potential: A dedicated and long-term approach to ABA therapy could result in a drastic reduction in challenging behaviors and marked improvement in the learning abilities of a child with ASD. These visible changes can go a long way in combatting the ‘low expectations’ attitude of the family, friends, teachers, or other professionals who interact with the child. When parents measure and track these changes, they can reset the bar after each achievement, and maximize the child’s true potential in life.

Behavior Pioneers, LLC, a leading Autism treatment center in Fort Worth, TX specializes in ABA therapy for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Led by Clinical Director Brian Tanenbaum, the highly qualified team of experts consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), with Master’s Degrees in Child Development, Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Disorders, and Low Incidence Disabilities and Autism. With in-home, center-based, and a hybrid approach for Autism services throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, TX, Carrolton, and Richardson, TX, they provide a flexible, high-impact and customized learning environment, purely focused on positive reinforcements for children or adults with ASD. As a leading Autism treatment center in Fort Worth, our goal is to create tailor-made ABA therapy plans that promote improved functioning and independence for individuals with Autism.

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