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Don’t Be Ignorant Of the Habits That Affects Your Teeth and Oral Health

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A survey reveals that poor oral health is the significant contributor of diseases in Australians.
A survey reveals that poor oral health is the significant contributor of diseases in Australians. The pain and discomfort developed as a consequence of lack of oral hygiene have reduced the quality of life in Australians, leading to reduced productivity in schools and workplaces.

Most of the people forget that teeth are a living thing and they do contain nerves and live tissues. Dentists Quakers hill say that the mouth is a breeding ground for both good and bad bacteria. These bacteria are active, all the time and in every situation. So, it is any wonder that teeth end up causing dental issues? This article lists some of the bad habits, which is the root cause for most of your dental problems.

Habits Those Are Hard On Your Teeth

Most of the people ignorantly bite fingers or chew ice cubes that harm their teeth. These habits cause significant damage to your teeth. Generally, teeth are meant for two simple tasks: eating and speaking. Without your teeth, chewing food or articulating words is impossible. To prevent the damages to your teeth and gums, it is important to ditch certain bad habits, and their lists are as follows,

Biting Your Nail – This causes misalignment of your teeth and also results in the formation of chips and cracks in the teeth.

Teeth Clenching – The pressure exerted by clenching cause fractures and micro-fractures in your teeth.

Chewing Ice Cubes – The hardness of the ice and the cold temperatures damages your teeth.

Excess Of Lemon Intake – Lemons are rich in vitamin C that strengthens your gum, but an excess intake wears away your teeth’s enamel.

Hard Brushing - Brushing too hard damages the enamel and creates irritation in the gums.

Using Your Teeth As A Tool – Using teeth as a tool for a variety of tasks like tear open a bag of potato chips, uncap a bottle of nail polish makes your teeth to crack or chip.

For A Healthy Oral

Generally, your teeth encounter a lot of strain, while biting, chewing, grinding, talking, and with aging every single day. To stay strong and healthy, dentist Quakers hill advice that your teeth require a little tender love and care by brushing and flossing regularly (preferably twice a day). Undergoing routine examinations and check-ups at your Quakers hill dental clinic, aids in developing a healthy oral. Also, eating a healthy diet and ditching sugary food items and beverages prevents plaque formation.

Thus it is vital to spot the source for your dental problems that you are undergoing, and the responsibility of your teeth’s health lies with you.

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