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Morning Sickness In Pregnancy – How To Deal With It

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Many things in life have their advantages and disadvantages. For many it is great to be pregnant and just have the feeling that there is another life growing inside you.
Many things in life have their advantages and disadvantages. For many it is great to be pregnant and just have the feeling that there is another life growing inside you. It might be just what a couple has been praying for a long time. On the other side there are different things that you are sure to expect when you are pregnant. One of them is morning sickness. Here we will take a look at morning sickness and see just how it can be dealt with.

Morning sickness is the term that is often used to refer to nausea during pregnancy. It is triggered by the physical and hormonal changes that occur in the pregnant body of a woman. Despite the term that is used, this condition does not necessarily occur only in the morning, but rather any time of day. There is also a variation in the intensity of morning sickness.

The best site for you to get information on pregnancy is There is no cure of morning sickness which is guaranteed to work. However, there are a few things which you can do to combat nausea and comfort an unsettled stomach while pregnant.

You will need the following to carry out this procedure:

• Fortified cereal

• Bananas

• Crackers

• Water

• High nutrient and low-calorie snacks

• Toothbrush

• Chewing gum or mints

• Toothpaste

• Extra pillow or wedge


1. Eat a small amount of crackers or dry fortified cereal before you get out from your bed in the morning. There is a tendency of nausea being stronger first thing when you wake up since you have an empty stomach, When you keep these items in your bed, you’ll have better chances of warding off morning sickness in pregnancy.

2. Instead of one large meal, break your servings of food into five or six small servings throughout the day. Your body and that of the growing baby demand higher food quantities during pregnancy. Eating of frequent small portions will replenish the supply of food and also prevent your stomach from being totally empty. Snacks and mini-meals will also help in the reduction of the risk of heartburn and a nauseous stomach will digest easily.

3. Take plenty of water – eight to twelve 8-ounce glasses are good – every day and avoid consumption of carbonated drinks. The carbonation may result in heartburn and therefore give you a stomach upset. It is crucial to drink sufficient amounts of water when pregnant. Lack of this will cause dehydration, increasing the chances of nausea and also posing health risks for both you and the baby.

4. Avoid foods or other items that have strong odors. There are many cases of odor aversions being developed during pregnancy. Coffee, cigarette smoke, wet dog food and frying meat are a couple of examples of strong odors that may bring forth nausea. If you are bothered by a certain smell, keep off from it as much as possible. Your morning sickness may be increased by strong odors.

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