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Online Audio Mastering Service – Process Explained

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Audio mastering process is the last phase in making your song professional before the release.
Audio mastering process is the last phase in making your song professional before the release. During audio mastering services, all the elements of the song are made balanced to make it sounds good while hearing. Also, it makes sure that whatever the device the audience uses to hear your song, it should give the same tone and sound.

Process Involved In Online Mastering Service

- The first stage of online mastering services will scan your track to find out the peaks in the waveform. Then they are smoothened to open up more volume headroom and even out the dynamic range of the whole track.

- Then envelop shaping process takes place. Here the system determines the exact degree of light expansion and compress required to your specific song. It helps to smoothen out its presence and make the inconsistencies in the sound level even.

- Once the envelope shaping process gets over, the online mastering engineers apply dynamic compression and limiting that matches the character of your music. This helps to improve the presence and enhance the optimal sound performance.

- With the help of volume enveloped and transient dynamics optimized, the online audio mastering services tests the frequency spectrum of your song and produces a tone across the audible spectrum that suits your song.

- Then it is determined whether there is any dip or peak present in the sound spectrum that fall outside the range of ideal levels designed using the guideline created for the song. The final process in our automated online mastering system is a combination of compression and limiting specifically tailored to the needs of your song in order to bring its volume level up to proper industry standards.

For online mastering service, you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to perform the process. Depending on your plan, you can get either a certain number of masters per month or an unlimited number of masters. The plan you choose can also affect what type of song file you’re given.

Benefits Of Online Mastering Service

- Get pro-level mastering of your songs.

- Quick turnaround time.

- Affordable (can get unlimited masters for a monthly fee).

- Some customization available (depending on the service).

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