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Valentine’s Day Inspired Beauty Tricks to Impress Your Valentine

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Rarely a month goes by without some artsy, unusual nail trend making waves, from bubble and furry nails to - wait for it - duck feet nails.
Rarely a month goes by without some artsy, unusual nail trend making waves, from bubble and furry nails to - wait for it - duck feet nails. Not only your nails, but your hair, eyes, skin and more, as the result this all will spoil your beauty look. The Valentine's Day is round the corner. So it's time to craft your look. The only Valentine’s Day job that helps you make the day very special is visiting the beauty salon in Bunbury.

Here we have listed 4 ways to dazzle your valentine:

1. Keep Lips Kissable

Ditch the intimidating red lipstick and aim for soft, natural-looking lips. After that, fix your skin by having specialized skin care treatments at the bunbury beauty clinic, and choose a perfect shade that suits your skin tone and make your lips look fuller.

2. Deepen Your Blush

Not everyone is born with a set of Angelina Jolie lips, and that’s okay. Re-create a first-date flush by using a cheek colour that's one shade darker than your everyday hue with the help of makeup artist. Remember one thing, the blush should be more dramatic for evening, especially if you will be in a dimly lit place.

3. Show Your Skin Some Love

Whip your skin into shape with one action-packed treatment session. Set aside an evening this month end to shower love and attention on your skin and pamper yourself. Work with a professional who can give you expert recommendations for your skin type and specific concerns.

4. Before Adding Gel Polish, Start With Healthy Nails

Shellac or gel polish is an excellent choice for durable nails, but you should start with healthy fingernails. If your cuticles and nail bed are splitting, damaged or peeling, you should not apply gel polish to them before taking some precaution treatment. Having pedicure and manicure treatments are luxurious and leisurely. So, it’s time to relax and enjoy the world class treatments. By having pedicure and manicure treatments, the problems, which is mentioned below will not affect the durability of your finished nails, so it is best to fix the problems before having the treatment.


Everyone have different needs and conditions to address, so it’s crucial to learn what will work best for your skin. Talk to the experts at nail salon in Bunbury, and start your Valentine’s Day beauty revamp.

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