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Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Dry Socket – Signs and Treatment

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Wisdom teeth are extracted often than any other teeth due to various reasons.
Wisdom teeth are extracted often than any other teeth due to various reasons. Unfortunately, a wisdom tooth doesn’t bring bouts of wisdom. Instead, they cause a lot of dental problems. Some people may have enough space on the jawline to accommodate the eruption of wisdom teeth, while others may not have enough room. Those who don’t have space in their mouth for additional teeth suffer impacted wisdom teeth. Impaction is a condition where a wisdom tooth remains buried below the gums or erupts out of line with the rest of the teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth may cause pain, swelling and crowd or forcibly move other teeth.

When an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed, it leads to several dental complications, including dental decay, gum infection, teeth shifting, crowding, and cyst. This is why wisdom teeth removal Sydney is recommended by most of the dentists. For some, a dry socket occurs after a wisdom tooth extraction.

What is dry socket?

Dry socket is a condition that occurs after tooth extraction. After extracting a wisdom tooth, a blood clot forms in the empty socket and seals the area so that it can heal. It occurs naturally after an extraction. You will experience the painful complication known as Dry Socket if the blood clot dislodges. Although cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a common procedure and there are no complications, Dry socket rarely occurs if you do not follow the post-operative care instructions. Dry socket exposes bone and nerves, delaying healing. So it is essential to try and avoid it.

Signs and symptoms of dry socket after wisdom tooth removal:-

The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is affordable, you may experience the following symptoms if you have dry socket. Rush or call your dentist as soon as you notice these signs.

-Severe pain within a few days after wisdom tooth extraction

-Complete or partial loss of the blood clot at the empty socket

-Visible bone on the socket

-Pain that radiates from the socket to your ear, eye and neck on the same side of your face as the extraction

-A bad breath

-Unpleasant taste in your mouth


Over-the-counter medicines may help to reduce the pain, but it is not enough to treat the condition. Visiting the dentist is necessary. Treatments of dry socket include flushing the socket with a saline solution, packing the socket with medicated gauze, and antibiotics to prevent infection and manage symptoms.

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