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Makehitmusic : Elements of hip hop beats

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The term ‘hip hop’ obviously means dancing music. The music will make you dance according to the tunes irrespective of the singer.
The term ‘hip hop’ obviously means dancing music. The music will make you dance according to the tunes irrespective of the singer. Unlike traditional light music, hip hop beats attach more importance to instrumentals and non lyrical aspects of music. It will be appropriate to refer it as beat, rather than calling simply as music. There are two basic elements in this rap music namely the beat and the vocals. Normally a ‘beat’ is composed of audio drum tracks, a bassline and supporting orchestra. Each beat is made up of several tracks which can be long or short. In case, it is short it consists of 8 bars which are looped over again at the discretion of the vocalist. In case of long beat it has three sub-elements namely introduction, break and end. The long beat may include 16 or more bars in the intro section and chorus section and gradually it tapers to 8 bars. Anyway, you will be dancing automatically on hearing the rap beats.

As and when you hear the song, you need not know the importance of instrumentals until you discover it. In the vocal tracks of a hop song, there will be a main vocalist who performs on the stage, supplemented with second vocal players. Apart from the above two, there may be background vocals in chorus songs and sometimes in between the songs. To emphasize the main words of the song, the vocalist may repeat the main vocal twice or thrice or even more according to the taste of the crowd. As said earlier, the midi drum patterns are the main element of rap music. In other words, it can be said as the core element of the beat and it includes audio loops and drum patterns. The audio loops can be edited, stretched and compressed as per the interest of the instrumentalist, thus adding plugin effects on the same. The success of the entire song depends on the audio loops and how the player uses it flexibly. It is possible to use both the audio loops and the midi drum pattern at the same time for delivering great sound. You can find leading artists, who perform on open stages skillfully handle the tracks with unusual timing for creating sensational music pattern.

The rap beats will make you travel along with the line and you will be ultimately lost in the pitch of the music. It will be interesting to hear the hip hop beats in the atmosphere of stunning crowd where there is full of energy and wire.

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