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My Erection Does Not Last Long Enough - What Can I Do?

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Weak erection also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction is a commonly found health disorder in men. This article briefly describes what to do when erection does not last long enough.
Persisting weak erection, best known as impotence or erectile dysfunction is a commonly found health disorder in men. Lifestyle factors including diet, age, exercise and health play major roles in maintaining a healthy sex life. Problems leading way to impotence include both physical as well as psychological causes. Nervous disorders, hormonal imbalance, excessive intake of alcohol, prolonged intake of certain drugs, diabetes and heart disease are some among the physical disorders leading way to erectile dysfunction trouble. Versatile psychological factors contributing for impotence include depression, stress, anxiety and low self image. At present, there are vivid treatments available for curing this reproductive disorder. Choosing natural remedies for treating weak erection problems help in reducing side effect on users. Let's see what to do when erection does not last long enough.

Intake of tribulus terrestris, a popular aphrodisiac is a well recommended cure for poor erection problem. It is found to be very effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction troubles. Having tribulus terrestris after meals helps in stimulating libido and increasing the production of testosterone hormone in body. Improving energy production in cells, supporting immune system, preventing the risk of kidney stones, reducing hypertension and increasing muscle mass are other key advantages of using tribulus terrestris. For user assistance, tribulus terretris are commonly available in market in the form of capsules, liquid extracts and as powders. Drinking ginseng milk after meals is another suggested remedial measure to make erection last longer. Relieving stress, improving memory focus, stimulating metabolic activities, improving stamina and athletic endurance are some among the health benefits of having ginseng milk.

If erection is not lasting due to stress problems, practicing yoga exercise is a best recommended solution. Regular doing of yoga exercises, especially deep breathing exercises relieves stress and helps in attaining well control over erection. It stimulates energy production in cells, reduces body weight, lowers bad cholesterol level and improves stamina so as to make erection last longer. Withania somnifera, else known as Indian ginseng or ashwagandha is another remedy to make erection long enough. It acts as a natural health tonic and boosts energy formation. Lowering blood pressure level, rejuvenating cells, boosting cellular energy, eliminating excess fat and relieving stress are some among the highlighting advantages of using withania somnifera.

Mucuna pruriens, a powerful aphrodisiac is natural cure recommended for achieving enough erection. It increases libido in men and helps in achieving good erection without any interruption. Inclusion of mucuna pruriens in diet also helps in building muscles, treating depression, curing insomnia, improving metabolism and preventing nervous disorders. Intake of horny goat weed extract is another safe cure suggested to achieve long erection. It boosts sexual desire, relieves stress, enhances immune system and improves performance for better lovemaking. Having horny goat weed extract after meals also helps in preventing memory loss, heart diseases, high blood pressure, heart diseases, hepatitis and fatigue problems. Intake of gingko biloba, maca, damaina, fo-ti, zinc supplements, almond milk, avocado, figs and fennel seeds are other ways to maintain good erection.

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