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Pizzas and Their Different Types

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Americans love their pizza and if independent reports are to be believed, the American pizza industry is worth more than 30 billion dollars!
Americans love their pizza and if independent reports are to be believed, the American pizza industry is worth more than 30 billion dollars! The Italians may have invented the pizza, but the Americans have taken it to all new height. Here’s a quick look at the different types of pizzas made popular by the many pizzerias started here:

New York Styled Pizza:

New Yorkers claim that theirs is the only place on earth, where you can buy authentic ‘New York Pizza’. The pizza’s believed to be unique because of the acidity and hardness in the water. They are known to be plain with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes thrown in for good measure. The dough is characterized by high-gluten flour, resulting in a pizza that is thin and chewy. It’s also light on sauce.

Deep Dish Pizza:

The deep dish styled was invented in Chicago and baked in a deep pan. This makes it ideal for stuffing and usually eaten with a knife and fork. The credit for inventing the deep dish styled goes to partners Sewell and Ric Riccardo. The duo had planned to open a restaurant, and was contemplating about introducing Mexican food. Riccardo who had come across the pizza during World War II suggested the same. But Sewell, who thought that this dish wasn’t anything more than an appetizer, suggested that they improvise on it. Thus, was born the Chicago styled deep dish pizza.


This pizza that originates from the Naples is an inspiration for our modern day pizza. The original Neapolitan pizza was known to contain only with tomatoes without cheese. These are known to be made with a wood fired oven and hence different from the usual electric and gas oven types. Everything from the dough, to the yeast, and the time that it should be baked is precisely defined.


Calzone is a typical Italian variation of the pizza. The dough for calzone is filled with the usual pizza ingredients and then folded over to form a semi circle.

Greek Styled:

This was first invented in New England and uses a herby base. The pizza uses olive oil and uses feta cheese and olives.

White Pizza:

This pizza does not use red sauce, but typically uses pesto and other dairy products such as sour cream. The white pizza is referred as Pizza Bianca in Rome.

Sicilian Pizza:

This pizza originates from Sicily and contains pecorino and anchovies are used in a traditional Sicilian pizza. In the US, this pizza is square with a thick crust.

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