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TK119-W - 4 Reasons you should Buy One

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The demand for vehicle tracking devices is soaring high in the recent times. We all do look for opportunities to keep our assets safe and secure from fraudsters.
The demand for vehicle tracking devices is soaring high in the recent times. We all do look for opportunities to keep our assets safe and secure from fraudsters. In the meantime, businesses such as logistics are looking for opportunities to maximize revenue and profit whilst keeping their customers happy. This is where GPS technology comes to the rescue. Efficient 3G car tracking devices such as TK119-W is your best bet, if you are giving GPS technology a try. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this device.

TK119–W: An Overview

TK119-W is a one of the ideal 3G GPS vehicle trackers that are versatile and ideal for fleet tracking and management. With state-of-the-art 3G capabilities and better tracking features, TK119-W is best suited for any application. Equipped with cutting-edge GPS technology, this product offers you a gamut of traditional tracking functions such as cutoff petrol/electricity, geo-fence, ACC status checking, and speed & shift alarm.

Why Opt for TK119-W?

1. Better Fleet Management:

TK119-W now gives you the ability to closely monitor your driver behavior and identify any opportunities that enables to enhance fleet efficiency. Using the associated software, you can set up alerts to monitor overspeeding of vehicles and longer idle times. By optimizing driver behavior, it becomes easy to enhance fuel efficiency and better customer service.

2. Trailer Management:

This 3G car tracking device is ideal to monitor the location of vehicles, check the status of your products and shipments. The equipment is highly durable and its ability to withstand tempering, harsh weather and other conditions makes it perfect for trailer management.

3. Workforce Management:

When this 3G GPS vehicle tracker is installed, drivers will drive more safely and responsibly with the knowledge that they are being monitored. The trip would be much safer without accidents and the chances are less likely to push beyond the speed limits. This also accounts for enhanced job performance too.

4. Vehicle Recovery:

Fret not if your vehicle is stolen. When there's a 3G car GPS tracker installed on your vehicle, you'll know where your vehicle is located at all times. If you find your vehicle missing, you can recover it by tracing its location without much trouble.

Highlight Features of TK119-W:

a. The device uses WCDMA and GSM networks for accurate and rapid tracking.
b. Send commands remotely to cut off power and fuel supply, if your car is stolen.
c. Set up Geofencing easily.
d. History playback in real time.
e. Setup alerts for overspeeding.
f. Dust and waterproof.

Buy the best 3G car GPS tracker– the TK119-W. Get yours today and let us know your comments.

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