Joe Cline's Article in Destinations

800 Austin Steam Trains: History Comes to Life
Steam trains are an important part of Texas’s proud history. When war with Mexico ended, the government of the newly-formed Republic of Texas sought to encourage investment.
Posted on Oct-09-2009

772 Lesser-Known Movie Meccas
Most people thinking about film and television production immediately assume that their favorite films and shows were made in Hollywood.
Posted on Apr-20-2009

1181 The Barsana Dham: A Taste of India in Austin
Most expect that to be able to see a true Hindu temple you would have to travel to . . . well . . . India, or at least a country in which Hinduism is a more dominant religion. But that’s not necessarily true.
Posted on Apr-20-2009

673 The Story of Texas at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
Texas is not a state known for its mundane, run of the mill activity. It is a state with a varied history and similar future.
Posted on Apr-10-2009

778 Texas Swimming Holes
Summertime in Austin can mean blistering heat and intense sunshine, but hiding in the house, soaking up the air conditioning isn’t the only way to stay cool in this busy city.
Posted on Apr-10-2009

649 Rollerball: Austin Style
Austin has plenty of things that come to mind when people think of the area. Music, culture and just plain being eccentric are some of the things that the area is best known for, but Austin has one thing to offer that many people overlook - Roller Derby.
Posted on Apr-10-2009

1338 Must See Austin Sights
Austin’s booming economy is seeing the rise of new landmarks in the city, both in the downtown area and the suburbs. There are, however, permanent fixtures in Austin’s landscape teeming with history and culture that cannot be totally replaced by new constructions.
Posted on Mar-16-2009