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655 Austin Tex Mex: Seven Restaurants that Can't be Missed
Tex Mex cuisine is something that can't be missed if you're visiting Austin. If you live in this diverse and exciting city, you've probably found some great spots to enjoy this unique form of cuisine.
Posted on Feb-19-2010

651 Top Restaurants in Austin, Texas
You don’t have to look hard to find incredible restaurants in Austin, Texas. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or want something authentic Tex Mex, Austin has it for you. If you think Austin dining is all about staying local, think again.
Posted on Dec-08-2009

443 Open Til Midnight: Late Night Eats in Austin
After Midnight: Late Night Bites in Austin. Austin’s exciting and colorful night life is one of its major attractions for tourists and residents alike.
Posted on Nov-10-2009

970 Top Ten Restaurants in Austin
Austin's Top Ten Fine Dining Establishments. Austin is known for barbecue, Tex-Mex spiciness, and cowboy food in general. But the Austin area also offers exquisite fine dining on a par with the most exclusive restaurants in the country.
Posted on Nov-10-2009