Joe Cline's Article in Gardening

552 10 Tips for New Gardeners
Interested in learning how to garden? Planting your first garden can be daunting, but with a little bit of study and the right attitude it doesn't need to be hard. Read on for some simple suggestions on how to get your beginning garden started right.
Posted on Apr-07-2011

364 The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring
Interested in bamboo flooring? Frequently touted as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood floors, bamboo has become a popular building choice for people trying to save money and get a wood floor look without the environmental downsides of wood floors.
Posted on May-03-2010

403 Attracting Birds to Your Backyard
Birds can help your backyard feel alive and inviting, as well as keep bugs away. It may seem difficult to keep birds in your yard, but with a little bit of work you can make your property an inviting place for them to live, eat, and nest.
Posted on May-03-2010

941 Six Brickwork Patterns for Your Patio
Interested in making a brick patio? Standard 4 by 8 bricks can create a wide variety of patterns if you know where to start. Before you try any of these, make sure you plan out the size and pattern of your patio completely on paper to avoid an error that may cost you quite a bit of working time to fix.
Posted on May-03-2010

432 Types of Fences for Your Yard
Interested in fencing in your yard? There are many different fencing options that may work for your home if you know what you are looking for. One of the first things to consider is whether you desire a fence for visual appeal or practical function.
Posted on Apr-21-2010

358 Best Decorative Indoor Plants For Texas
Indoor plants bring a warmth and natural atmosphere to the home or office and can be a great decorating tool to compliment your furnishings and architecture. Choose your color, size, leaf design and maintenance requirements from a bevy of indoor beauties to call your own, many of which only ask for an occasional drink and pruning.
Posted on Apr-16-2010

977 Five Native Texas Plants That Can Enhance Your Landscape Design
By using native plants in their landscaping plan, homeowners can be assured that their plants will thrive in the dry, sunny Texas climate.
Posted on Feb-19-2010

814 How to Transplant a Tree
There are several reasons why you may want to move a tree to another location in your yard. Perhaps it has grown too large for its current location.
Posted on Oct-26-2009

1186 Growing a Winter Vegetable Garden in Austin
Those of you who live in Zone 9 planting areas will be happy to know that the high summer temperatures come with an unseen benefit – a long planting season.
Posted on Oct-21-2009

1174 Butterfly Gardening in Austin
Austin residents can visit one of the most beautiful butterfly gardens in the world at the Zilker Botanical Garden. The Doug Blachly Butterfly Trail and Garden features native plants and special feeders that attract many species of butterflies
Posted on Oct-07-2009

1705 Austin Gardening: Native Texas Trees
If living in a peaceful and beautiful environment seems to be impossible for many, the people in Austin Texas could definitely prove them wrong. Thousands of lush native trees and colorful wildflowers could be found in the heart of the city of Austin Texas.
Posted on Feb-18-2009

1127 Guillermo Ochoa-Cronfel, The Cronfel Firm, Lakeway Realtors
When March enters in Texas, hundreds of wildflower species begin to bloom. Which is why in spring, Texans are busy with a number of festivals. Most of these festivals are created to celebrate the blooming of native Texas wildflowers.
Posted on Feb-18-2009