Joe Cline's Article in Health and Fitness

298 Staying Safe in the Sun
While it is great to be able to take a walk in the sun, without the proper precautions you may end up with a headache, feeling dizzy, even nauseas. If this happens, you will need to stop for some rest and some water to drink.
Posted on Dec-28-2010

314 Can Breathing Sawdust Cause Cancer?
Studies have shown that breathing in a large amount of sawdust can make one susceptible to nasal cancer. The wood particles take on a carcinogen property and can lodge in the nasal cavity with repeated exposure to sawdust.
Posted on May-06-2010

477 Interior Design Tips for a Healthier You
Scientists have long known that visual cues in the environment can affect mood and alertness. In October 2005, the journal Building and Environment published a study entitled “Visual Effects of Interior Design in Actual-Size Living Rooms on Physiological Responses.
Posted on Oct-07-2009

464 The Facts About Radon Testing
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Surgeon-General of the United States are in agreement: homeowners should have their homes inspected for the presence of radon.
Posted on Oct-07-2009