Joe Cline's Article in Home Improvement

566 New Real Estate Construction in Austin, Texas
Buying a new real estate construction in Austin, Texas is a very attractive concept to many. Austin is one of the best and fastest growing cities in America to live in, especially for many new families.
Posted on Aug-01-2011

282 Pool Maintenance Tips
Worried about maintaining your pool? Owning a pool can be a great way to get exercise and have a little fun in the summer. Unfortunately, keeping a pool clean and healthy can involve a pretty long list of chores.
Posted on Feb-03-2011

849 European All In One Washer Dryers
Although all in one washer dryer combo units have been available for quite some time in Europe, they have only recently been introduced in the United States. European all in one washer dryers let you wash and dry clothes in the same unit.
Posted on Jun-03-2010

304 How To Get More Out Of Modest Square Footage
Living in a small house has many benefits. Your home will seem cozy from the moment you move in. You will also have less to clean. You will even save money because you will not have to buy furniture to furnish rooms that hardly ever get used in most homes. However, a small house or apartment can quickly start to feel cramped unless you make smart choices about your decor and belongings.
Posted on Apr-16-2010

348 Five Home Improvements to Increase Your Equity
The equity in your home is the difference between the price you owe on the home and how much your home is worth. You increase your equity by paying down your mortgage and also through the natural inflation of home prices.
Posted on Feb-09-2010

444 How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Program
Starting a neighborhood watch program is an effective, proactive way to fight crime and protect your home, family, and possessions. Neighbors who join forces to monitor activity in their area typically experience a lower rate of crime and a higher instance of convictions when crimes do occur.
Posted on Feb-05-2010

371 Simple Steps To Protect Your Home Against Theft
Your home is not only your largest financial investment, it is also a secure environment in which you and your family can relax and feel safe. Many items of value are stored inside your home.
Posted on Feb-05-2010

482 Choosing Your New Home's Window Coverings
Buying a new home is an exciting opportunity to create the look you have always wanted. Starting from a blank slate, there is not a doubt that it is fun to pick out colors, textures and designs from a wide array of options.
Posted on Dec-17-2009

1870 Choosing Granite for Your Kitchen Remodel
More and more homeowners are choosing granite countertops during their kitchen remodel. The reasons are plenty, but perhaps you are researching countertop options and are wondering what the big deal with granite is.
Posted on Dec-17-2009

672 5 Feng Shui Design Tips
Feng Shui is an ancient school of design, of Chinese origins. This design theory is based in the placement of objects in a room, in order to achieve a proper flow of energy or chi, as it is called by the Chinese.
Posted on Dec-17-2009

404 What to look for in an energy efficient home
Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days. With an energy efficient home you’ll not only save money on your monthly energy costs, but you’ll reduce your impact on the environment and help your whole city become more energy efficient.
Posted on Dec-03-2009

928 Designing Your Dream Master Bath
If you’re having a custom home built, or perhaps just remodeling your current home, one of the most exciting designs you could take upon yourself is that of your master bath.
Posted on Dec-02-2009

559 How to Install a Pet Door
If you have dogs or cats, you quickly learn how convenient a pet door could be. Especially with cats, there’s the constant open the door, shut the door.
Posted on Dec-02-2009

389 Ways to Cut Energy Usage and Utility Costs
During times of economic struggle, it can be tough to manage a tight budget. Utilities are one area of the budget that most of us have very little wiggle room…. or so you think.
Posted on Nov-12-2009

389 Safely Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter
With the cold weather season upon us, home across the nation are beginning to turn off the air conditioner and swamp coolers and turn on the furnaces and stoking the fires.
Posted on Nov-12-2009

491 Living Room Interior Decorating Tips
When it comes to decorating your home, whether for the first time or the tenth, you may come short when it comes to ideas. Before you go spend money on an interior designer for tips and hints, do your own research and make note of the ideas that will work for your living areas.
Posted on Nov-12-2009

443 Taking Care of Ceramic Tile Floors
If you are one of the millions of homeowners who has made the switch from carpet to tile flooring, you will need to know how to care for your investment.
Posted on Nov-10-2009

458 Home Improvement Projects to Save you Money
Home improvement projects in this economy are all about getting the most bang for your buck. If you had planned a complete overhaul of your entire house and are not looking at a different financial situation, don’t despair.
Posted on Nov-02-2009

493 How To Clean Your Kitchen With Natural Products
Cleaning is one of the necessary evils of life, and most people look for the easiest, fastest way to get a dirty job done. Recently, there has been much attention brought to the dangerous chemicals and cleaning practices used in most homes.
Posted on Oct-26-2009

557 How to Get Your Chimney to Work
As the weather cools, there is more to ready than your winter wardrobe and vehicle’s weatherization. Your home needs to also be prepped for the cold days ahead.
Posted on Oct-21-2009

466 How to Reduce Energy Usage with a Kilowatt Meter
When you take steps to reduce your energy usage, you are doing yourself and the environment a big favor. Not only will you save a lot of money by reducing how much you have to pay each month, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint.
Posted on Oct-21-2009

490 Making a the Most out of a Small Kitchen
If you have a small kitchen, you understand the frustration of trying to fit everything that you need into a tiny space. You may watch cooking shows on television and drool over the wide countertops and spacious floor space.
Posted on Oct-09-2009

915 5 Simple Ways to Winter-proof your Home to Maintain Value
When the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to start preparing your home for winter. Even in areas where it doesn’t snow all season, it’s important to take steps to secure your home against the cold, rain and ice.
Posted on Oct-09-2009

438 Three Green Home Improvements You Can Make Today
Making your home more eco-friendly can be easier than you think. If you though that in order to have an eco-friendly home you’d need to re-build from the ground up, you’ll be happy to know that there are several simple changes that you can make in your home that will save you money, make your home more “green” and increase the resell value of your home.
Posted on Sep-11-2009

589 Downsizing Your Home? 5 Tips for Clearing Out the Clutter
These days people are downsizing their homes for a variety of different reasons. Whatever your reasons for moving to a smaller location, you can de-clutter your stuff and move with less boxes by following these tips.
Posted on Sep-11-2009