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380 Best Tips for Building a Custom Home
If template floor plans don’t appeal to you, perhaps you should build a custom home instead. There are a lot of companies that offer their services to people who want to build their homes from the ground up.
Posted on Apr-20-2011

326 Help Your Clients Find a Perfect Remax Agent for Their Out of State Move
Interested in learning how to garden? Planting your first garden can be daunting, but with a little bit of study and the right attitude it doesn't need to be hard. Read on for some simple suggestions on how to get your beginning garden started right.
Posted on Apr-15-2011

524 Home Builder Execs Like Wall Street Fat Cats: In the Money
Wondering who ended up with all the money after the housing market collapsed? When the market started to fall into recession, there was a huge outcry against the ridiculous paychecks and bonus offers the banking industry and wall street executives ended up walking away with.
Posted on Apr-02-2011

505 Being Your Own General Contractor
Interested in saving money on the construction of your home? Many people are interested in trying to handle the general management of the subcontractors for their project without hiring a general contractor.
Posted on Mar-28-2011

1367 What Do Home Inspectors Check on Homes in Texas
If you are buying a home in Texas, it is important that you learn what the Texas home inspection process entails. Home inspectors check the basic features of a home, including the structure, plumbing, electricity, roof, and basement or crawlspace.
Posted on Jun-03-2010

283 New Home Nightmares: Most Common New Home Defects
After you have the home you wish to buy inspected by a professional home inspector, you probably think that you are in the clear. Although home inspections can reveal obvious problems with your future home, a home inspection is a cursory inspection at best.
Posted on May-18-2010

310 Benefits of Using Cast Iron Cookware
Cookware has come a long way since grandma's day, maybe a bit too far. The old cast iron pots and pans have been eclipsed over the years for the newer designs, conceptions and cutting edge technologies.
Posted on May-07-2010

590 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Perhaps one of the best parts of Christmas is choosing a beautiful tree, stringing lights on it and then decorating it with ornaments and ribbon.
Posted on Dec-17-2009

464 Safe Trick or Treating for Families
Halloween in the second largest retail holiday as far as candy sales is concerned. It’s no wonder, as millions of kids hit the streets to trick or treat each year. Buckets of candy make their way home and at times the loot can last well into December.
Posted on Dec-03-2009

541 Making a Scrapbook for a Gift
If you are a scrapper, you know the sentimental value that a scrapbook holds. Each book represents a special time in your life, memories you don’t want to forget and events that made you who you are today.
Posted on Dec-02-2009

402 How to Make Your Child’s Room Safe
If you are a parent or grandparent, you are no doubt always looking for new ways to keep your children and grandchildren safe. There are many places that our kids go where we have little control over their safety, such as at school.
Posted on Nov-02-2009

340 Backyard Playgrounds: Plan for Safety
One of the great responsibilities of owning your own home is the maintenance and upkeep of your lawn and landscaping. Especially important is caring for your backyard; while not usually seen from the street, the backyard is often a center of activity for adults and children alike.
Posted on Oct-07-2009

329 Growing older gracefully: Safe at home
As people age, often physical mobility can become impaired or restricted. For those who experience unwelcome changes in their physical abilities, the prospect of moving to a retirement community can be unpleasant and even frightening.
Posted on Sep-16-2009

423 Preparing Your Child for a Move
Moving to a new home or even a new city can be a scary prospect for your child, no matter what their age. Your child’s moving experience can be positive or negative depending on how well you prepare them.
Posted on Sep-11-2009

486 Lighting Up the Holiday Season with the Trail of Lights
No matter where you live, nothing says Christmas like Christmas lights. The second December begins the lights are lit in homes and malls throughout the country. Hours are spent perfecting the lines of sparkling color as they cover eaves, gables, gutters and trees.
Posted on Jul-15-2009

539 Green Countertop Choices
The eco friendly remodeling revolution has become more popular over the last few years. Not only does investing in an environmentally friendly home an excellent way to keep your home healthy, but there is a drastic increase of the value of your home.
Posted on Jul-15-2009

451 Gas or Electric? Which is Better?
Which is better, gas or electric? This has been an age old question without a whole lot of answers. The answer is all about what method you prefer and your personal situation.
Posted on Jul-15-2009