Joe Cline's Article in Mortgage

398 Strategic Default: The Cost of Walking Away from Your Mortgage
Homeowners who are considering defaulting on their mortgage need to carefully consider the pros and cons. They should also consider meeting with a lawyer who specializes in financial issues.
Posted on Jun-03-2010

1067 The Four Parts of a Mortgage Payment: PITI
A homeowner gets approved fast of his mortgage application especially if it is his first time to apply for such a loan. The problem with mortgage, however, lies not on whether an application will get approved or not; it is more of a question of "Will I be able to pay it on a timely manner?"
Posted on Mar-16-2009

908 Now that rates are down, should I refinance?
Unless your mortgage rates are really rock-bottom low, call it luck or sheer shrewd negotiation skills, now that interest rates are going down, you may want to consider refinancing.
Posted on Mar-11-2009