Joe Cline's Article in Reference and Education

380 Online Universities: Convenience in Higher Education
An old adage clearly states that the more one learns, the more one is capable of earning. The problem is that attending a regular university can be a serious problem. Schedules might not match, the university might not be well suited to one’s desired course of study, the university might be far away
Posted on May-21-2010

449 Searching for Schools Online: How to evaluate a school district before you move
Any concerned parent knows that the quality of the school their child attends will have a big impact on their future. If you’re in the process of moving and have children, you may be concerned about the quality of education that your child will receive in their new home town.
Posted on Dec-03-2009

509 Austin Independent School District: On the Rise
The Austin Independent School District (ISD) is a vibrant urban school district. Established in 1881, it serves the diverse populations of metropolitan Austin, including portions of Sunset Valley and San Leanna.
Posted on Oct-09-2009

518 Eanes Independent School District: Excellence in Education
Located in the picturesque Texas Hill Country in metropolitan Austin, Texas, the Eanes Independent School District (ISD) is widely recognized as a leader in educational excellence in the region.
Posted on Sep-10-2009

446 Why is Austin the Going Green Authority?
Year after year, the community is placing a lot of focus on Austin Texas as one of the greenest metropolitan areas in the country! It’s settled along the Colorado River, this metropolitan region is not exclusively one of the quickest growing cities in the nation
Posted on Jul-15-2009

944 A Concise History of Austin, Texas
Long before Austin became the bustling city that we see today, it was a popular hunting and fishing area for many of the regional Native American tribes. Nomadic tribes, such as the Apache, Tonkawa and Comanche, made camp in the area and took advantage of the vast natural resources for their survival.
Posted on May-29-2009

774 Light Rails - Good or Bad
One of the biggest debates around Austin in the past several years is the addition of a light rail to the city’s mass transit program. While the measure passed and the infrastructure is in the process of being constructed
Posted on Apr-20-2009

662 Texas Governor’s Mansion - Political Home Sweet Home
The head honcho of the country isn’t hard to find, at least in theory. Everyone knows that the man in charge lives in Washington, DC, on Pennsylvania Avenue, in a very large, very white house.
Posted on Apr-10-2009

1326 Party at the Moontower!
Picture a group of teenagers partying the night away on the last day of school at Lee High School in Texas. This is their last chance to drink and get drugged with their friends.
Posted on Mar-11-2009