Joe Cline's Article in Travel Tips

320 5 Top Spots for Your Family Vacation
Interested in finding a good vacation spot or idea for your family? Choosing a vacation that is safe and fun for children without being boring for adults can be a difficult proposition.
Posted on Apr-21-2010

812 A Short Guide to Austin's Sixth Street
When most out-of-towner’s visit Austin, they are sure to stop by Sixth Street. This district of downtown Austin is popular with young professionals, college students and those who love live music.
Posted on Dec-17-2009

705 Austin's We Make Stuff Festival
Bringing Art, Music and Culture to Austin On September 19th, Austin artists, musicians, vendors, fashion designers and other creative types will band together to bring the We Make Stuff Festival to Austin.
Posted on Nov-02-2009

443 Enjoying Austin for Free: Your guide to the city's free attractions
Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in not only Texas but the country. With more homes being built and people moving in, it’s no wonder that lots of people are looking for things to do in Austin.
Posted on Oct-21-2009

8394 Uniquely Austin: Six Attractions You Shouldn't Miss
Austin is a world-class city, filled with things to see and do whether you’re a long-time native or a first-time visitor.
Posted on Sep-10-2009