Amin Ramjee's Article in Clothing

414 Creative Promotional T-Shirts
If you think you have to crack your brains to come up with promotional gifts, if you think custom made promotional gifts are expansive and take too much time to produce, well, think again. Have you considered promotional t-shirts? T-shirts are just canvas, how expansive can they be? If you think they are not unique enough, well, you can either hire a designer or just tap into the many promotional t-shirts providers available at the click of your finger tips.
Posted on Jul-20-2010

646 How Many T-Shirts Should I Buy For Promotional Purposes?
Many companies, when considering brand awareness campaigns, would pick t-shirts as their branding strategy. Everyone loves receiving customized t-shirts, and will wear them continuously, thus making a company's brand name travel everywhere. The more unique the designs, the more it will attract people and potential clients.
Posted on Jun-02-2010