Amin Ramjee's Article in Fashion

422 Glassware Jewelry
To understand the history and significance of glassware jewelry, we must first go back to the ancient glass making methods of Roman glass, which is considered to be the pioneering force behind glass jewelry. Roman glass was first discovered in excavation sites in Israel and various Mediterranean constituents. This began with vessels, jugs and vases.
Posted on May-05-2010

588 Popular Types of Tote Bags
Tote bags are defined as large bags used for shopping or carrying a multitude of things. A typical tote bag has a sizable storage space for amassing everyday-used paraphernalia such as make-up, books, stationery, lunches and even umbrellas. Totes have strong long bands for hauling over one's shoulders, and come in diverse substances, shapes and dimensions.
Posted on Mar-31-2010

485 Tote Bags As Effective Promotional Tools
People are so much in a hurry at most times, they would just look pass advertisements. Studies have shown that in the very near future, advertising via media like television and regular newspapers will soon become obsolete. Many of us hardly have the time to watch television, let alone have the patience of sitting through commercials in between programs.
Posted on Mar-31-2010