Amin Ramjee's Article in Food and Beverage

350 Promotional Beer Mugs for Oktoberfest Celebrations
One of the world's largest beer festival known as the Oktoberfest is held in Munich Germany in the month of October. Millions of people will be in attendance during this sixteen day festival where visitors from all over the world come to be part of the event.
Posted on Sep-28-2011

347 Coffee Mugs As Event Promo Items
All year round, many companies have certain events or occasions that they observe. During such events, companies like to take advantage and reward their employees or gift their clients with promotional items.
Posted on Aug-29-2011

327 Popular Promotional Barware
Promotional barware is one of the most wonderful ways to market a business and give its brand visibility. A wide range of promotional barware can be used for this purpose including martini glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, wine glasses, etc.
Posted on Aug-28-2011

549 Personalized Wine Bags A Budget-Friendly Party Gifts
People are always coordinating parties and events to celebrate special occasions. These special occasions can be birthdays, graduations, weddings, or even just to celebrate a memorable event.
Posted on Jun-08-2011

481 Use Customizable Wine Glasses at Your Next Dinner Party
Are you known to have guests over your house for dinner parties? Do you find that on a weekly or monthly basis you are inviting guests over for a dinner get together where food, wine, and laughs can be shared? Dinner parties are a great time to have fun with friends and family members and to catch up, have a few laughs, and of course enjoy a nice meal.
Posted on May-10-2011

503 Red Coffee Mugs - Spicing Up Your Coffee Routine
In this fast-moving society, coffee is an important beverage for consumers to be able to stay alert and keep up with the pace of the society. In order to consume a cup of coffee that can really provide the energy for consumers to work efficiently, a coffee mug is an essential equipment to be possessed by individuals.
Posted on May-02-2011

833 Large Coffee Mugs for Avid Drinkers
What better gift for an avid drinker than a coffee mug! Coffee mugs are the perfect gift to give to anyone you know who enjoys a cup or two or five of coffee each day. With this gift you'll know that it'll be put to good use almost immediately! The great thing about coffee mugs is that they can be personalized, they are sold in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors and they are available in a variety of themes.
Posted on Feb-28-2011

1069 Different Personalized Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups
You can get a coffee mugs in just about any style you wish. With different colors, designs, styles, and materials, there is certainly a cup to fit your liking. To make them more fitting, personalized cups are a great way to make a coffee cup an item you will cherish.
Posted on Feb-13-2011

478 Selecting the Right Wine Glass for Your Special Event
When it comes to picking the right type of wine glass for a special event you are hosting there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Because wine tastes and smells its best in certain types of wine glasses, you will want to know exactly what type of glass is best for the wine you have plans to serve.
Posted on Feb-10-2011

428 Spice Up Your Day With Custom Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mugs no longer have to be boring and conventional. With all of the available, easy to use resources around us, its easy to create custom coffee mugs to spice up any daily routine!
Posted on Feb-10-2011

411 The Different Types of Travel Mugs
When you're on the go, especially in the mornings, owning a travel mug is definitely a nice item to have. Not only are they convenient but they can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. Who wants to have to stop during their commute to work to find a local coffee shop?
Posted on Feb-10-2011

515 The Must-Have Glassware Items Every Restaurant Must Carry
When running a restaurant, there are certain glassware items considered as necessities. This article explains the must-haves of restaurant glassware, from sidewalk tavern to upscale dining.
Posted on Jan-31-2011

621 Party 101 - The Science of Shot Glasses
The name 'shot glass' was first used by The New York Times in 1940 when they tried to regulate the size of one shot of liquor. Shot basically means a small amount of liquid which is either drank in one gulp or is poured into a drink.
Posted on Jan-20-2011

593 Beer Mugs The Perfect Birthday Gift
Picking birthday gifts can be tough, especially for men. When it comes to picking the perfect birthday gift one thing to keep in mind are the interests and loves of the recipient. Before you choose any type of birthday gift keep his interests in mind. No matter if you're buying for your husband, brother, boyfriend, or a family friend, one gift that all men love is beer mugs. Even if he isn't keen on drinking, beer mugs can be practical for use but can also be sentimental and a true birthday keep
Posted on Jan-12-2011

672 Ceramic Mugs Ideas
Embellishing ceramic mugs is a high-speed method to compose a gift for that someone you love and is special. Ceramic mugs make wonderful gifts and many ceramic stores put forward individuals the opportunity to decorate their own ceramic mugs, plates, vases and other pieces with any pattern of their liking. The main dilemma with these stores is that they're quite costly, and your budget may not allow you to purchase too many.
Posted on Jan-03-2011

707 Everything Ceramic Cups
If you look at places around you, chances are you'll discover that almost all the time a ceramic coffee cup shop could be just a few feet away. The phenomenon may have started a while back, perhaps with the advent of more coffee and tea drinkers along the lines. Ceramic cups have become an essential implement to house any type of beverages and found in almost all homes across the globe, plus, they are inexpensive and available in many styles.
Posted on Jan-03-2011

477 Quality Custom Coffee Mugs
Do you feel wonderful getting up early in the morning every single day? It is quite difficult to wake up every day feeling naturally exuberant but how about if you get your favorite coffee or tea that will enhance your confidence? Life has become frenzied and there are too many demanding timetables out there.
Posted on Jan-03-2011

535 The Many Different Types of Coffee Mugs
Coffee is one of the main fashionable beverages in the world and the mugs that it is served in are located in most people's domiciles. Through purchasing themselves or being given them as presents, most householders will pull together a compilation of mugs in their homes. Individual mugs are the most universal even though they also come in sets, characteristically with a coffee pot.
Posted on Jan-03-2011

727 How to Choose Proper Wine Glasses
Wine is the drink that goes with almost every type of European and Western food. Choosing the right wine is ideal when it comes to enjoying the flavors of the food. Wine compliments red meat and white meat, it calms the body and soothes the senses. There are many types of wine as there are many types of wine glasses and more often than not, most wines have their own specially designed glass. But for domestic use, selecting a good wine glass for any type of wine is the best way to go.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

1135 Choosing A Water Bottle
Water bottles have become an icon in an everyday household. The person who invented the light, plastic or stainless steel holders to keep water to drink is definitely a genius. The humble water bottle isn't a new invention. In fact, several different versions of water bottles or carriers have been around for ages and in different civilizations from the Mesopotamians to the Egyptians, the Red Indians and the Chinese and the Vikings even.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

770 Amazing Shot Glass Information
The glass also is perfect for appetizers at dinner functions. You can deposit soups like gazpacho or even sorbets in it. The potential is quite appealing. You can even concoct mini salads with colorful dressings and serve them cold. In fact, using this glassware item at a theme party can comprise of nothing but everything served in them, from appetizers to main courses and desserts.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

465 What the Beer Mug Does to the Quality of the Beer
After wine and tea, beer is the most commonly drunk beverage in the world. Produced from grains, wheat and sometimes even rice or corn, beer is a beverage that appeals to many types and tastes in a wide range flavors.
Posted on May-30-2010

623 Choosing Brandy Glasses For Your Customers
Brandy glasses, or brandy snifters, are a very unique type of glass that many people recognize, but surprisingly very few people actually own. Most people when they drink brandy will use small and short glasses, but the problem with this is that these glasses do not work as well when you are drinking brandy.
Posted on Mar-11-2010