Amin Ramjee's Article in Hobbies

3101 Using Water Bottles As Art
There are many art projects you can engage in by using water bottles. This is a great way to create something beautiful whilst recycling. Encourage your young ones and others to go GREEN with these crafts endeavors.
Posted on Mar-30-2010

514 Promotional Shot Glasses Makes an Impression as Party Favors
If you're having a farewell party and want to give souvenir items or if you have a new product or service that you want certain networks and affiliates to know about, then you may want to consider promotional shot glasses as a give-away. Why are these glasses a great item for promotional, marketing and advertising purposes?
Posted on Jul-22-2009

543 Collecting Logo Shot Glasses
Having a collection of any kind is interesting. Sometimes you may feel like collecting something but you do not know what you want to collect. It is kind of difficult to be a collector without knowing what it is you want to collect. There are many things to collect from coins to cars to handbags to shoes to watches to colored stones, stamps, miniature toys, post cards and even shot glasses.
Posted on Jul-22-2009