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528 How to Buy and Store Glassware
There are so many choices of glassware and even though you don't entertain your friends and family often or do not drink, it is still a good investment for purchasing a set of beautiful glassware as you never know when you might need it. If you are in the market for buying glassware, here are a few tips to help you out.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

531 Colored Glassware-Stemware for Everyday Use
Glassware comprises drinking containers, tableware, such as crockery, and flatware employed to set a table for dining. Stemware is drink ware that are supported on stems above a foundation. It is normally manufactured from glass, but could also be made from ceramics or various types of metals. Stemware comprises cordial, cocktail, wine glasses, and also champagne flutes, goblets and chalices, and also brandies snifters. Martini and margarita glasses are also categorized under glassware.
Posted on Nov-12-2010