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374 Birthday Party Favors - Personalized Shot Glass
If you want your birthday party to be an occasion to remember, you should consider using personalized shot glasses as your birthday party favors.
Posted on Nov-22-2011

247 Birthday Party Favors - Personalized Shot Glasses
If you want your birthday party to be an occasion to remember, you should consider using personalized shot glasses as your birthday party favors.
Posted on Nov-21-2011

290 Using Promotional Messenger Bags to Market to Teens
Messenger bags also known as messenger shoulder bags or just shoulder bags are one of the best options for use when you want undertake a promotional campaign especially for teens. While very practical, they are also tasteful and teens would especially love them when they use them.
Posted on Sep-28-2011

290 Personalized Dinnerware for Parties and Events
Would you like to hold an event or party that will leave a memorable impression in the minds of your guests? When you are hosting a special event and you want it to be a memorable occasion, you can get your dinnerware personalized in a way that will remind all the guests about that special day.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

329 Back To School Giveaways - Custom Printed Notebooks
When it is time to go back to school and the shopping list is filled with items to buy, one of the items that always features on this list are notebooks.
Posted on Sep-07-2011

407 Family Reunion Favors Photo Coffee Mugs
The busy schedule of the modern lifestyle is taking its toll on many families that used to be very closely knit and family reunions have become rare occasions for many.
Posted on Aug-29-2011

285 Personalized Birthday Favors
Anytime you have a birthday party and you want to make the event unique and special, personalized birthday favors will always do the trick. It is not so difficult to find personalized birthday favors and they will always work well in making the birthday very memorable.
Posted on Aug-28-2011

289 Custom Printed Photo Mugs - The Great Memory Preserver
There are so many occasions in our lives, the bitter ones and also the sweet ones. Of course, we always attempt to treasure and preserve these memories - no matter good or bad - with our own ways.
Posted on Aug-15-2011

605 Personalized Drawstring Backpacks for Kids and Teens
While carrying books can be quite a task for kids and teens, this is a burden that can be eased when they use drawstring backpacks because a backpack is fun for them. It is easy to make drawstring backpacks with bright colors and unique features that will be more attractive to kids and teens and because of this, it is easy to get kids to carry them.
Posted on Jul-31-2011

440 Custom Printed Champagne Flutes for Special Events
Custom printed champagne glasses will always add a touch of style, substance and cultivated beauty when toasting a special event such as the union of a couple during a wedding.
Posted on Jul-31-2011

420 Personalized Coffee Mugs for Family Reunions
If you host a family reunion yearly or bi-yearly, you probably give out some sort of item to everyone who attends as a way to remember the family reunion from that year. Often time guests receive t-shirts, key chains, or something else that is small but still special and unique. If you want to ensure that your guests enjoy and remember this year's reunion, make sure to provide them with a reunion favor that they will keep close to heart.
Posted on May-19-2011

409 Custom Printed Bar Mitzvah Favors Are Cherished Memorabilia
Do you have a bar mitzvah planed in the near future? Are you looking for a way to ensure that your special day is one that will never be forgotten? Do you want to make your bar mitzvah as memorable and cherished as possible?
Posted on May-10-2011

326 Why Prom Favors Are Important and Why Schools Order Them
Prom is one of the most memorable nights for a high school student. Schools try to make memories of this night last forever by giving out fun prom favors students will love.
Posted on May-01-2011

456 Customized Prom Favors - Your Night Does Not End There
For most schooling individuals, no matter you are in high school, college, or university, prom is a distinct event/occasion for them. Prom is a special day in which individuals get with each other and have fun.
Posted on Apr-18-2011

460 Getting Away With Shot Glass Prom Favors
The juggling act most prom planning committees have to perform don't always end with balancing the budget for the venue and the food and the prom favors and everything else-sometimes it even extends to thinking of ways to rid prom favors of possible unconstructive associations, like shot glass prom favors for instance.
Posted on Apr-17-2011

342 Personalized Baby Shower Favors for Expecting Mothers
Make your baby shower memorable by having personalized baby showers that each guest can take home with them as a memento and a keepsake of the special day. Baby showers are a time to celebrate a new life that is soon to begin and while baby and mom-to-be are usually the center of attention, guests always love to be able to take home shower favors that can be kept and displayed.
Posted on Apr-11-2011

484 Fun Custom Bachelor Party Favors
Parties of all sorts usually offer guests some sort of keep sake or party favor that can be used and taken home. Bachelor parties are no exception to the rule so you will want to be able to give your guests a party favor that will remind them of your fun and exciting bachelor party!
Posted on Apr-11-2011

612 Personalized Wine Glasses for College Graduation Parties
Graduating from college is definitely an event worth celebrating, especially for those who are part of the graduating class. Over grueling years of intensive studying, test taking, and learning, there is no better way to celebrate such an accomplishment other than having a graduation party!
Posted on Apr-06-2011

381 Fun Coffee Mugs for Professionals
In most professional working offices, coffee is in every office that you walk into. Professionals all over the world often enjoy coffee throughout the day as a way to keep them alert and prepared for any new tasks at hand.
Posted on Jan-31-2011

529 New Year Favors
The New Year is a time for celebration, and just about everywhere you go there are bound to be celebrations, whether it is at the homes of friends or family, or maybe even your own home, or whether it is an office party, or a public party that is being organized somewhere and everyone is welcomed to attend. Either way, the coming of the New Year is always celebrated with a bang, and there is no better way to usher in a new year full oh hopes and good will than a party.
Posted on Dec-08-2010

467 Why Buying Your Own Event Glassware Is Better Than Using Vendors
When hosting an event, many people hire vendors to provide drinkware for their special occasion. In this article, find out why buying your own set of event glassware will not only save your money, but add your own your personal twist of style no vendor can compare to.
Posted on Nov-26-2010

661 Lunch Bags of the Future
Lunch bags or lunch boxes of yesteryear have been replaced with ones which are of more sturdy material (as opposed to the boring brown bag) and available in a multitude of patterns and dimensions. Bags for lunch are no longer just for children. Nowadays, they arrive in many versions for adults as well.
Posted on Nov-23-2010

635 Popular Party Favors for Children
Whether its confetti, funny party hats, or balloons, every good party giver understands that party favors can make a celebration more memorable. If you have a birthday party or any celebration involving children on the horizon, and contemplating how you are going to be able to pay for everything without breaking the bank, reflect on economical favors. No birthday party is absolute without entertaining favors, yet the cost of these items can become expensive, especially if there are plenty of gue
Posted on Nov-23-2010

354 Pen Collectors Sweeping the Globe For Collector's Items
It seems there are collectors of everything from stamps to bottle caps. Did you know that there is a large scene of pen collectors specializing in promotional types pens? And the group is increasing every year.
Posted on Mar-27-2010