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408 Personalized Coffee Mugs As Office Gifts
Throughout the year there are all sorts of occasions and events that we like to celebrate in the workplace. From birthdays to holiday celebrations, promotions and office rewards, there is never a shortage of events and things to celebrate.
Posted on Feb-27-2011

277 Promotional Pens for Presentations
Do you have plans to visit a conference or symposium to advertise and market your business' product and/or services? Is there an event planned where you will have the chance to present your company and all of the good you have to offer?
Posted on Feb-27-2011

482 Promotional Tote Bags for Retail Stores
Are you the owner or manager of a retail store? Are you looking for ways to promote your store so that you can bring in new customers that will purchase the items you have for sale? If so you'll want to look into a fashionable and practical way to promote your business' name.
Posted on Feb-27-2011

320 Maximizing the Use of Duffel Bags in Marketing
Ever try using a duffel bag as a marketing giveaway? Anyone who does enough travelling can make use of a couple of duffel bags for their luggage, and anyone you give it away to would probably appreciate the gesture. But there are some things to remember when opting to use these sorts of bags as a marketing giveaway.
Posted on Feb-27-2011

313 Three Advantages of Giving Away Promotional Printed Bags
Promotional Printed Tote Bags have quickly become one of the most commonly used promotional products. Because of their effectiveness and efficiency, promotional tote bags are a sure-fire way to get your company or event noticed.
Posted on Feb-27-2011

451 How Tote Bags Can Be Used to Promote Any Company or Event
Many companies are turning to promotional products for their marketing techniques. Because of their affordability and effectiveness, tote bags have become one of the most popularly used promotional items for companies and events of all sizes.
Posted on Feb-23-2011

223 Classic Marketing Schemes The Advantages of Promotional Pens
Pens are used worldwide as promotional techniques. In this article, learn the advantages of using such printed pens are your advertising. Affordable and powerful, the results may surprise you.
Posted on Feb-20-2011

425 Having Fun With Creative Coffee Mugs
Who doesn't love coffee mugs, especially ones that are made to be unique and creative? If you work in an office you've probably seen all sorts of coffee mugs around you. From basic solid colored ones to ones with designs and maybe even a few that have been personalized.
Posted on Feb-20-2011

335 Buying Custom Pens In Bulk
Many people use custom pens for promotional items, gifts, or just for writing. In this article, we discuss why purchasing custom pens in bulk is much more efficient and effective for your goals.
Posted on Feb-13-2011

404 Cotton Tote Bags An Eco-Friendly Marketing Solution
Are you looking for new and refreshing way to market your business? Do you want to keep up with the new fad of being green and environmentally friendly? If so, cotton tote bags are just what your company needs to invest in using as a way to advertise!
Posted on Feb-11-2011

375 Five Widely Used Techniques to Create a Promotional Coffee Mug
Promotional Mugs are widely used as marketing techniques for companies and events of all sizes. In this article, we discuss five widely uses techniques for creating these promotional coffee mugs.
Posted on Feb-11-2011

251 How Custom Printed Travel Mugs Can Help Promote Your Business
In life there are some things that some people just can't live without. For early birds, those who wake up and automatically need a caffeine fix, or those who drink coffee on the go, travel mugs are a must have item for many! The fact is that coffee has become a staple in the diets of many. Some love the taste and the smell while others drink it to keep themselves awake and alert.
Posted on Feb-11-2011

210 What Pen Suits Your Company Best?
When selecting a type of pen for a promotional item, it is important to find a pen that matches your company's specific style. Find the right pen to reflect the style of your business.
Posted on Feb-07-2011

160 Why Promotional Pens Are Popular Marketing Techniques
Promotional Pens have been around for a long time, but have recently jumped in popularity among businesses both big and small. See why these pens remain as popular marketing techniques year after year.
Posted on Feb-07-2011

292 Which Prom Favors Are Popular for 2011?
Prom is all about having fun, relaxing, dancing, and enjoying fellow classmates before graduation day arrives. Senior prom is always a time to remember as it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. To better remember the night and the various memories of high school many times you'll find prom favors being handed out at the end of the night or during the occasion.
Posted on Jan-31-2011

275 Why Printed Wholesale Mugs Are a Sensible and Effective Marketing Solution
With the struggles of our current recession, many companies are turning to promotional mugs as their advertising solution. With big corporations, wholesale mugs have become the go-to marketing item, proven both cost-effective and productive.
Posted on Jan-31-2011

357 Why Prom Glass Favors Are Popular
There is no shortage in variety when it comes to prom favors. However some of the most commonly seen pro m favors are those that are made of glass. These prom glassware have become extremely popular for various reasons though in the end each favor is given to be a reminder of a student's senior year in high school!
Posted on Jan-31-2011

312 You Can Never Have Enough Pens
Think about it. Wherever you go you are sure to run into a situation where you need a pen. Whether you're signing a receipt or needing to jot something down, a pen can always come in handy. Both men and women alike will usually come into contact with a pen on a daily basis and even though borrowing a pen is rarely a problem, wouldn't it be a lot easier to have your own set of pens that you can carry on you at all times?
Posted on Jan-31-2011

320 Choosing the Right Glassware Sets for your Home
You can find quality glassware for every style and budget at
Posted on Jan-31-2011

470 Be Unique with Colored Glassware
When it comes to glassware most people stick to neutrals and natural colors. Others will stick to basic colors that we’ve all seen before. A lot of home owners will purchase glassware that matches the color of the kitchen and/or the dining room.
Posted on Jan-31-2011

302 How to Use Custom Printed Tote Bags to Get Your Company Noticed
Tote bags are becoming the in thing now because of its ability to be used over and over again. Our planet has come to the point where one moment it would be sunny and pouring heavily the next. In order to preserve our planet for the next generation, people are doing their best to go green. That is why bags are being manufactured in abundance lately.
Posted on Jan-20-2011

501 5 Reasons Why Travel Mugs Are So Convenient
Travel mugs are becoming more common nowadays especially when the amount of coffee consumed by an individual has sky rocketed. The popular sizes for mugs that can be found are 12,14,16 and 20 ounces. Many coffee outlets have opted to make their own collection of travel mugs that come in various designs and colors which easily attracts coffee lovers to purchase them.
Posted on Jan-20-2011

366 Why Mugs Make Great Promotional Products
When it comes to promotion, one of the most imperative things you need to constantly do is to maintain your presence in your client's mind. There are plenty of approaches where you can do this and one of those methods is giving away some promotional mugs. There are many things that companies will splurge money on to give away.
Posted on Jan-20-2011

432 Calculators for Marketing a Business
The idea behind a successful marketing product is one that is useful and stays useful for a long time. Everyone at some point in time will reach into their drawer to find a handy calculator. Whether they are doing bills at home or helping their child with math homework, calculators are must have items in the home. This means that using calculators as a way to market a business is not only wise but practical and is sure to have your company's name recognized quickly.
Posted on Jan-12-2011

332 Logo Mugs 101
Most people love to drink tea and coffee and this practice has been around for a very long time. That also means mugs are relentlessly in use. For that reason, logo mugs make good giveaways for a Company to make use of as promotional items. Ordering logo mugs to imprint is the idea of coming to a decision on the category and approach of the logo mug you prefer, locating a merchant that puts on the market that category of logo mug for a competitive price, providing the artwork or catchphrase to b
Posted on Jan-03-2011