Amin Ramjee's Article in Marketing

373 How to Use Tradeshow Give Aways to Attract Customers
Trade shows make available an outstanding display place to exhibit your goods or services to a targeted market. Whether the trade show aims at consumers, commerce, or decision-makers, giveaway items can expand the reach of your trade show endeavor and makes your company be noticeable from the huge amount of other businesses on display. The best trade show giveaway items attract people to move toward your booth and assist to strike a chord with customers of your business after the show concludes.
Posted on Dec-14-2010

452 Laser Engraved Promotional Products
Laser engraving is the art of utilizing lasers to engrave or mark a particular item for aesthetics reasons. The method does not involve tool bits which comes into contact with the engraving surface and become worn out. This is seen as better than other alternative engraving technologies where bit heads have to be changed constantly.
Posted on Nov-23-2010

230 How Tote Bags Can Help Save The Environment
In today's society, everyone is making efforts to "go green." Companies, Manufacturers, and everyday people are always looking for new ways to make their day to day activities more environmentally-friendly. So why not translate that same eco-friendly passion into your marketing strategy?
Posted on Nov-16-2010

211 Coffee Mugs and Travel Tumblers Open a World of Marketing Opportunities
Think of how many people in today's society drink coffee or tea on a daily basis. Personally, I drink 3-4 cups of hot tea daily, two at home in coffee mugs, and two at work in a travel mug. People all over the world do this several times a day as well, using coffee cups and travel tumblers everywhere they go.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

152 Pens - A Promotional Product Perfect for Any Company Or Event
The second part to our 8 part series, we discuss how pens are a versatile promotional item that can be used to market any company or event affordably. Pens are a great item for personalization to get your company or event's name noticed by everyone who sees them.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

155 Thanksgiving Personalized Products for Every Budget
Thanksgiving Day is a crop fiesta distinguished first and foremost in the United States of America and also Canada. Thanksgiving is a public holiday to convey gratitude, thankfulness, and admiration to God, relations and acquaintances for which all have been bestowed of material assets and relationships.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

205 How to Choose the Best Stainless Steel Travel Mugs
A mug is a solidly constructed kind of container or cup often used for consuming hot drinks, for example coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Mugs, by classification, possess handles and frequently hold a bigger quantity of liquids than other kinds of cups. As a rule a mug can keep roughly 12 fluid ounces (350 ml) of fluids; twice more than an ordinary a tea cup. In proper situations a mug is typically not utilized for the allocation hot drinks; in this case, people prefer to use more formal looking tea a
Posted on Nov-15-2010

326 Religious Promotional Products And Their Uses
Religion is the spiritual inclination and homage to a higher entity or entities, or a group of faiths connected to the question of where we come from and the reason why the universe came into being. It is normally seen as comprising an individual's connection or belief in God or other entities.
Posted on Nov-13-2010

241 Why Use Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?
The reprocessing labors that we get on on are eventually for a superior foundation - Eco Green Living. Eco-Green Living concerns living life, as a human being as well as a society, such that it is conserving the Earth.
Posted on Nov-13-2010

186 Backpacks for Any Occasion
A backpack, also known as a rucksack, knapsack, or packsack is in its uncomplicated form, a sack made of cloth which is carried on a person's back and held with double straps that go above the shoulders, but there are certain exemptions of course. Light load forms of backpacks are every now and then carried on a singular shoulder handle.
Posted on Nov-12-2010

501 Sampler Glasses For Special Events
Have you always wanted to incorporate sampler glasses into your glassware collection, but could never quite figure out where they would go? Would you use them as decorative items like party favors? Or would you use them to lure in customers to your business through free samples? Sampler glassware has great potential for having all of the above mentioned qualities.
Posted on Jul-29-2010

231 Marketing Beer Mugs Responsibly
As common as forks and spoons, beer mugs actually date back to 10,000 BC, the Stone Age! Indeed, people from different parts of the world, from different civilizations have been drinking ever since long, long time ago. The Egyptians believed Osiris was the one who created beer, a gift and necessity of life. Babylon's Code of Hammurabi not only mentioned alcohol, it was given a relatively high attention.
Posted on Jul-20-2010

315 Tote Bags Are Great For the Environment
Living an active lifestyle and eating the right foods are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately with work, kids, and everything else, staying healthy isn't always easy. That's why it's important to do activities that are good for your body and for the environment. One of the best ways to keep organized is using awesome eco friendly Tote Bag. There is a wide variety of tote bags offered by some great promotional product companies. Extensive options of customizable totes from eco friend
Posted on Jun-30-2010

337 What is a Tote Bag
Tote bags are usually described in universal terms, but they are particular style of carriers with precise form of appearances. These three major reasons define a tote bag; storage space, long form and malleable cloth material. Bags possess handles that are exclusively premeditated to be clutched by hand or shoulder, which is their archetypal design excellence.
Posted on Jun-30-2010

832 Classic Environmentalism With Cotton T-Shirts
Have you ever wondered about where your t shirts come from? Or what they are made of and what kind of impact they have on the environment? Many of us choose to be ignorant, not realizing that the very clothes on our backs may not be environmental friendly. This may not be apparent now, but if we choose to ignore certain facts, it will have a detrimental effect on our environment in the future.
Posted on May-31-2010

354 Large Beer Mugs and Beer - Have Your Own Oktoberfest
The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is the largest beer festival in the world. The legendary event attracts 6 million people from around the world and attracts attention from global media. The event lasts for 16 days during which visitors gobble classic German food such as sauerkraut, sausage, asparagus and grilled chicken, but at the center of attention is what Germany is known for: beer served in over-sized beer mugs like there was no tomorrow.
Posted on May-30-2010

347 5 Things to Look For in a Perfect Beer Mug
So how do we enjoy this plethora of new beers and its cousins (and distant relatives)? Straight out of the bottle? In any old glass? Absolutely not. According to beer flavor experts around the country, a beer should be enjoyed in a beer mug, and the right mug for the right beer is a combination that is just as important, as the right glass for the right type of wine.
Posted on May-30-2010

400 Promotional Tote Bags Make Great Gifts For Customers
Tote bags are great bags that a person can use them over and over and when they do that, they advertise your company. You want to show your customers you are happy for their business with a tote bag, and you want to entice more customers to come in and get a free promotional tote bag.
Posted on May-30-2010

427 Advertising With Travel Mugs
For thousands of years, humanity has been using mugs of different sizes and styles. We have been using mugs to carry our drinks for us and over that time mugs have changed greatly. Mugs have been made out of nearly every material imaginable and you would think that there have been no recent innovations in mugs in the past few centuries.
Posted on May-30-2010

355 Give Your Customers a Tote Bag
Advertising to your customers is very important. You want your customers to know about your business and you want your customers to tell others about your company. In addition, you want to bring customers into your business because that will keep business coming in for years to come.
Posted on May-30-2010

392 Travel Mugs Are a Tried and True Method to Marketing
Marketing your company is very important. Without marketing, most of the companies we know of today would not exist and if they did, they would not be very large.
Posted on May-30-2010

295 Using Promotional Pens to Generate Business
Promotional pens can do this for you. Yes, most large companies will use marketing tools like commercials and newspaper advertisements. These can be effective but the problem with them is they are very expensive and if you have a small business, which can be too much to pay. So, how do you go about marketing your company? How do you get customers without paying too much? How do you accomplish the tasks above through something that does not break the bank for your business? You use promotional pe
Posted on May-28-2010

189 Buying Promotional Pens For Customers
When you are looking at starting a business, you need to find ways to bring in customers. There are a wide variety of ways to do this effectively but one thing many business owners fail at is marketing them without paying out too much money. It is a fine line between spending too much and getting customers and spending too little and getting customers.
Posted on May-27-2010

531 The Invention of Marking Pens
A marking pen or permanent marker is a form of marker pen that is utilized to generate everlasting writing on paper or any other objects. A marking pen's liquid is usually resistant to water, and include solvents such a alcohol and toluene, and has the capabilities of marking on an array of surfaces ranging from simple paper to stone or even metal.
Posted on May-26-2010

238 Why You Should Tote Around Tote Bags
Tote bags are defined as huge bags used to carry anything from clothes, to books to everyday needful things. More and more women in fact, use tote bags more than purses as they are roomier.
Posted on May-24-2010