Amin Ramjee's Article in Reference and Education

254 Custom Canvas Tote Bags - Great Gifts for Teachers
One of the best gifts for teachers is the custom canvas tote bag because each day teachers have to carry their school supplies and stationery such as papers and books to and from school.
Posted on Nov-09-2011

321 Customized Notebooks for Students
Notebooks are used for many tasks and many students carry them to college. Getting a customized notebook for a student would be quite ideal however because students like things that are fashionable and sleek.
Posted on Aug-05-2011

321 The Story Behind Backpacks
Backpacks have come a long way in the past, and have become popular items used by people of all ages. In the article, we take you the the story behind backpacks and why so many people are using them.
Posted on Feb-28-2011

856 Eco-Friendly Tote Bags for College Students
As a college student you are probably well aware of the amount of books and other items that you have to carry around with you on a daily basis to ensure that you are well prepared for each class you have. From notebooks to pens and pencils and maybe even a laptop, there is never a shortage on the amount of items you need to have with you each day.
Posted on Feb-19-2011

383 Glassware - A Brief History of Cups (Coffee, Tea, Mugs)
Glassware encompasses everything from tableware to drinking ware and decorative ware. To describe each and every item would take a long time. Glassware has been used for centuries to serve food and drink. Today, glassware remains a pivotal element in our daily existence.
Posted on May-06-2010

343 Glassware - More Information on Wine Glasses
As many of us are aware, those who drink wine and use the proper stemware are conscious about its long-standing history. Wine glasses have been used since ancient times, and survived today and the future due largely to the ever-growing wine making industry.
Posted on May-05-2010

331 Glassware of the Depression Era
Glassware of the Depression era as the name connotes, was first created during the depression age between 1921 through the late 1930s; and some glassware crafted from the mid 20s stretching to the mid 40s are also known as depression glass. For those who are uninitiated about the Depression era, those times were some of the hardest that America and the world at large went through.
Posted on May-05-2010

699 Famous Glassware Makers
Glassware has been an important facets of our lives for centuries. We use them for dining, entertaining or as beatific forms of decorations. Glassware manufacturers have over the years, created glassware as both functional and decorative. Let us look at some of the most famous glassware makers, of designs have been highly praised and prized.
Posted on May-05-2010

761 18th Century English Glassware
In 18th century America, a flourishing household has within its walls, furniture and silverware made in America itself. Mahogany tables were commissioned from New York, exquisite Chippendale chairs imported from Philadelphia and exclusive silverware and cutlery brought directly from Massachusetts. However, when it came to seeking fine drinking glassware, America had to turn to England, as stemware was not yet manufactured until much later in the century.
Posted on May-05-2010

393 Study Shows That Highlighters Help Children Learn Better, Faster
Educational organizations and schools are encouraged to benefit from ordering a wide selection of highlighters in different sizes to support the needs of children with ADHD. Most promotional product companies carry a large selection to choose from that can be customized with the school's logo or trademark emblem.
Posted on Apr-05-2010

424 The History of the Pen and Writing
Pens have been around for thousands of years. 4,000 B.C., ancient tribes of people used crude pens made from hollow straws, grass, reeds as pens. Around 500 B.C., people began to make pens from the wing feathers from geese and swan, known commonly as quill pens. These are the types of pens often represented in historical portrayals, movies and stories.
Posted on Apr-05-2010