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497 Personalized Wedding Glassware
A wedding ceremony is a meaningful ceremony. Needless to say, a wedding ceremony means a lot to the couple as they prepare themselves towards the next step of their lives.
Posted on Aug-15-2011

553 Personalized Shot Glass Wedding Favors
If you want to share an extraordinary lifelong remembrance by encountering the fascination of wedding favors, there is a choice of stylish personalized favors that can be made just for your occasion.
Posted on Jul-31-2011

482 Personalized Anniversary Favors Make the Heart Grow Fonder
Weddings are an occasion that we all remember no matter if it's our own wedding or someone else's. They are a time to celebrate everlasting love and a bonding between two people that are hopefully going to last forever.
Posted on May-23-2011

454 Wedding Favor Ideas On a Budget
When getting married, planning a wedding on a budget can be difficult. In this article you will find helpful tips for those looking for affordable wedding favor ideas.
Posted on May-01-2011

425 Nothing Says Everlasting Love Like Personalized Anniversary Favors
Weddings are a time to celebrate love, happiness, and the joining of two people in hopes of a happy life together. Once people are married and time passes there are often certain wedding anniversaries that are celebrated. Usually people celebrate their 5th, 10th, 25th, and 50th year married though every year is a great time to celebrate such an event.
Posted on Apr-11-2011

634 Candle Holders Are Must Have Wedding Favors
Weddings are full of exciting and memorable events. From the bride's walk down the aisle in her gown to the couple's first kiss as newlyweds, the first dance and the reception toast, there is rarely a dull moment. While weddings are meant to be all about the bride and the groom, it has become tradition to give those guests who attend a special wedding favor that can be kept as a memory of the once-in-a-lifetime day.
Posted on Jan-12-2011

555 How Wedding Toasts Came to Be - Champagne Toasting Flute Glasses
The history of wedding toast protocol goes back as far as sixth century B.C. In the present day, numerous traditions still are observed, despite the fact that a number of contemporary weaves have made their way to the table. Toasting glasses at a wedding cake ceremony are characteristically champagne glasses. Once the cake has been cut by the married couple, they toast to each other with a glass of champagne, enveloped their arms around one another and then taking a taste of the champagne or the
Posted on Dec-12-2010

487 How Custom Printed Wedding Favors Are Easier Than Other Favors
Planning a wedding means making many choices and looking at different alternatives. However, if you chart well enough ahead of time, acquiring custom printed wedding favors, rather than just the usual generic versions is absolutely simple to execute.
Posted on Dec-12-2010

674 Wedding Favors That Last a Lifetime
Wedding favors are a must have in any wedding. It is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude to your guests, thanking them for their participation in attending your wedding ceremony and reception.
Posted on Jul-23-2009

666 Unique Custom Glassware For Your Wedding Favors
Glassware as wedding favors makes a unique statement. They are practical and functional as they serve as drinking utensils as well as home decor and they are sustainable meaning that they last a lifetime-that is if it isn't broken.
Posted on Jul-23-2009

1118 Get Creative with Pint Glasses
Pint glasses are drink ware that is made to hold the amount of liquid equivalent to 20 fluid ounces of British pint or 16 fluid ounces of American pint. Pint glasses are made to serve beer in much smaller portions than that of a beer mug. There are numerous of ways in which you can use pint glasses.
Posted on Jul-23-2009

1170 Adorable Wedding Favors With Glassware
Wedding favors are some of the essential items in a wedding. Just like how much effort you put into finding that perfect wedding gown, the equal attention should be given for wedding favors.
Posted on Jul-23-2009

1072 Favor Shot Glasses As Wedding Favors
Glass is one of the least expensive materials these days especially when it comes to buying in bulk. Drink ware made from glass prove to be some of the timeless wedding favors and nowadays, more and more couples are turning to etched shot glasses as their wedding favors.
Posted on Jul-22-2009