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684 Top Three Glassware Items for Weddings
Even though there are plenty of things we'd deem as important during weddings, glassware is often something that is overlooked. Glassware is extremely versatile and definitely is a very useful and practical part of a wedding. You will find that glassware is incorporated into almost any wedding! Below are three common types of glassware that you will find and use at a wedding
Posted on Jan-20-2011

582 How To Make Your Wedding Favors A Success
Wedding Season has begun, and so has the planning. Although wedding favors are often an inconvenience, they are a detail your guests and friends will cherish forever, if done right. In this article, brides learn three simple steps to make wedding favors a success.
Posted on Nov-23-2010

529 Amazing Ideas for Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are often minute tokens given as a sign of appreciation or thankfulness to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding celebration or a wedding reception. The custom or convention of extending wedding favors is a practice which dates back hundreds of years. It is affirmed that the initial wedding favor ever, common amongst European monarchs and royalty, was termed as a bonbonniere; a small gift container fashioned from crystal, porcelain, and embedded with various types of pr
Posted on Nov-23-2010

549 A Guide to Giving Wedding Favors
The custom of dispensing wedding favors is an exceptionally ancient tradition. It is assumed that the earliest wedding favor, universal between European nobles, was acknowledged as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a miniature ornament container finished in gemstones, china, and/or valuable stones. The filling of these expensive containers were commonly sugar cubes or delicate candy or chocolate, which denote affluence and sovereignty.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

1125 Top Five Unique Custom Glassware Wedding Favors
Glassware items are crucial when it comes to planning a successful wedding reception. But what kinds of glassware items are needed? And, how much should you pay for them? The basic glassware items that are ideal as wedding favors include shot glasses, champagne glasses, martini glasses and more. This article also explains the reason wedding favors are needed and how they make the most important day of someone's life that much more special.
Posted on Dec-16-2009