Amit Kothiyal's Article in Internet Business

291 How to Find Out Who Is Looking for Me Online
Who is searching for me online and why is he seeking my complete information without my consent? This very question may come to your mind every time you Google search your name and eventually wonder about it.
Posted on Nov-16-2011

329 How A Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business?
Everyone from businessmen to government officials and movie stars use social media to advertise their brands and keep their “customers” well informed on the latest news. Given the ubiquity of social media it can be a functional tool to help build your business as it helps you reach customers that might not otherwise be aware of your products and services.
Posted on Jan-17-2011

297 Why Online Businesses need Internet Marketers?
Marketing a business on the web can be a daunting task, but it can also radically increase your profits if done in a right manner. Does your website require an internet marketer? Before you reply to this question, it is best to know how passing off the task of business internet marketing to those who are experienced in the field can benefit your business.
Posted on Jan-13-2011

356 Video on Demand: The future of media networks
Are you tired of saving hundreds of movies to your PC, editing for re-encoding, re-broadcasting, and uploading to your sites? The new digital video on demand software is a popular trend that is fast emerging and far-reaching the businesses and movie enthusiasts all over the world.
Posted on Jan-12-2011

325 Why Search Engine Optimization Is Essential for All Businesses?
Although there are a lot of reasons why SEO is important for all businesses, creating brand awareness and profitability is among the top.
Posted on Dec-24-2010

685 How to Choose a Content Management System?
Hand-crafting large website is a thing of the past. It not only takes a lot of time, but there are various ways in which it may go wrong. To help maintain your website and to improve its functionality the best way is to set up a Content Management System (CMS).
Posted on Dec-23-2010

923 Google’s Social Search enables searching within social circle!
Social Media Guide recommends using Google’s ‘Social Search’ to get trustworthy and personalized information from ones social circuit. The best part of this new experiment is that Google has added ‘Image search’ feature in it to make it even easier for all to search images online. Read this blog to know more about all this.
Posted on Jun-15-2010