Amit Kothiyal's Article in Internet Marketing

394 Get paid to take surveys online
If you are in a business, you must know how essential it is to listen to your customers. There is no better way to understand your customer’s deepest desires than by conducting a survey.
Posted on Jan-20-2012

742 Hur internetmarknadsföringsföretag kan öka ditt företags vinst
Internetmarknadsföring kallas även för iMarketing och referar till marknadsföring av produkter och tjänster på internet med målet att öka ditt företags försäljning.
Posted on Dec-28-2011

310 Build Your Brand Image with Social Media Marketing
For brand name promotions, social media and networking sites are the perfect place for a successful start. The process of associating a brand name for promotion is easy but requires a systematic approach.
Posted on Oct-20-2011

253 Hire Proven Social Media Marketing Experts and Bring In the Real Traffic
A social media marketing agency can help to bring qualified leads with the help of Web 2.0 techniques that begin a conversation with your target audience and emotionally engage them with your products and services.
Posted on Oct-14-2011

213 The Advantages of Hiring a PPC Advertising Agency and How They Can Help with Business Growth
The advantages of hiring a PPC advertising agency to market your website online are many. Most of the time, most of the clients perceive the cost of PPC advertising to be very high. But this is just a matter of perception.
Posted on Oct-12-2011

268 Social Media Marketing Experts Can Make A Difference In Your Online Marketing
Social Media marketing experts can help you create a customized online marketing campaign for your online business by putting smart strategies in place. Here are some of the tools which Social Media marketing experts use for initiating effective online marketing.
Posted on Oct-05-2011

290 Reach Ahead of your Competitors Overnight through PPC Advertising
PPC Advertising Services primarily refers to Pay Per Click. This mode of promotion is used to drive traffic to respective websites whereby, the advertiser pays for hosting the service upon clicking of the advertisement or the website. Such advertisements display when an individual enters a relevant keyword on the search engine, and is typically referred to as sponsored links.
Posted on Aug-02-2011

273 Advertise Your Business by Hiring PPC Advertising Agency
As more and more people are going online for shopping and research, advertising your business on the Internet has become a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. These days advertising rates in the print media is so high that small businesses find it hard to afford.
Posted on Jul-18-2011

462 The Advantages of Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing has evolved to a point where advertising has become feasible in just one click. It helps organizations, both small and large to get global customers, assists in product branding, increases website traffic and more importantly, boosts sales.
Posted on Feb-16-2011

382 How to optimize your site for Internet Marketing
A lot of website owners, bloggers and online writers are already aware of the benefits of search engine optimization, but very few internet users know that the process of internet marketing is equally important and they must get acquainted with it to get the most benefit for their site.
Posted on Jan-04-2011

384 Tips to improve Website conversion rate
Read this blog to know about some of the interesting guidelines provided by social media magazine on how to improve website conversion rates. These SEO tips are indeed handy and can be extensively used when promoting a website through social media. They not only assure improved ROI but also make a website stand out in a niche market.
Posted on Jun-01-2010