Amit Kothiyal's Article in Nutrition

852 An Introduction to Natural Aphrodisiac foods
Aphrodisiac foods are not a new invention of recent times. Named after the Greek goddess of love and romance—Aphrodite, these foods date back to ancient era. Read this article that gives a brief introduction about aphrodisiac foods.
Posted on Jan-19-2012

607 Fact and Health Benefits of Nutrition for Young Children
To be a parent is easy but handling your kids’ health is quite a daunting task. Parent ship comes in with a lot of responsibilities and health and nutrition for kids is above all. Read more to know about fact and health benefits of nutrition for kids and children.
Posted on Jul-20-2011

501 Is obesity your problem? : Nutrition guide is a smart solution
While obesity (unwanted weight) is the problem of every third person, and a sheer answer to it is missing. Article here highlights a simple means to get rid of unwanted weight by following nutrition guide.
Posted on Dec-29-2010