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293 Heal and Energize Your Skin With Skin Care Ayurveda
Ayurveda suggests Lemon and honey as the big alternatives to soap. Lemon removes grime and oil from the skin and honey acts as antibacterial and antiseptic agent. In Ayurveda, honey is increasingly used to cure and treat infected wounds in various infections and disease.
Posted on Dec-13-2011

370 Anti-aging Problems: Best Resolved by Microencapsulation Technology
Companies into the business of beauty enhancements and cosmetics have thronged the market with brand new products laced with sophisticated technology but most of them are just big brands, making no difference to one's aging problems.
Posted on Mar-14-2011

331 Feel Fresh and Young with Natural Anti-Aging Treatments
Aging is a natural phenomenon which most of us wants to or prevent or delay it. Preventing is not possible, however, we can delay the natural aging process through proper diet, sleep and use of some natural products that are good for the skin and body.
Posted on Mar-14-2011