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575 Seed Treatments Increase the Productivity of Crops to a Great Level
Seed treatment is one of the successful and efficient ways of keeping the crops and young plants protected from the risk of diseases and other problems. The treatment also helps in increasing the productivity to a great level.
Posted on Sep-25-2009

1090 Herbicide Clears Unwanted Plants Efficiently
Herbicide is used to kill unwanted plants that are harmful to the crop and other fruitful plants. Herbicide comes in two forms known as selective and nonselective herbicide. Nonselective herbicide is used to clear heavily dense areas because it can kill all the plants with which it comes into contact.
Posted on Sep-25-2009

964 Foliar Fertilizers Ensure the Rapid Growth of Plants
Foliar fertilizers are applied directly to the leaves of the plants. These fertilizers should be applied in the late evening or in the early morning because dew is present over the leaves and temperature is cool.
Posted on Sep-25-2009