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615 PPC : Are You Paying More Than The Established Ones?
No matter how many times Google has been noticed of pushing its advertisers to mainly focus on the betterment of the keyword level Quality Score, the tests have repeatedly proven in order to consider your per-click costs, only the account and ad Quality Scores play a vital role.
Posted on Feb-24-2011

476 Earn Lucrative Return on Your Investment With AdWords
You need to monitor conversions and not just clicks. In fact, when its time to track the outcome, pay more heed to overall conversions from each keyword than just clicks. This can be easily performed through Google Analytics as well as AdWords with your CRM and sales management system.
Posted on Dec-27-2010

418 Unleashing the mystery behind 'Google Slap'
Google slapping is an interesting aspect of Google penalizing. It happens for the very obvious reason of having Ads or your associated landing pages of poor quality. Its repercussions naturally are very hazardous, which is why it is advised to have planned pay-per-click campaigns that are free from such problems.
Posted on Nov-03-2010

521 Speed Up Your Website Conversion Rate
Website conversion rate comes very proportional in the way you showcase it to the outer world. You therefore must count on your website design strategies and associated mechanism in order to deliver your customers a very concise and commanding way of service representation to engage them with your website for more duration.
Posted on Oct-20-2010