Article Manager's Article in Public Speaking

750 Your Speech or Speeches can Change the World
A good speech can make a great difference. You can change minds, warm hearts or leave lasting memories. Speeches are powerful instruments be careful how you use them.
Posted on Nov-19-2009

1496 Holiday Toasts- Setting the Tone for the Holiday Break
Holiday toasts add to the occasion but only if they are short and light-hearted. Their purpose is to send staff on their seasonal break in happy holiday spirits.
Posted on Nov-19-2009

1234 Holiday Speeches aren't always what they should be
Holiday speeches should capture the mood at the office party. They should be light-hearted and gay and inspirational. Above all they should say, "Enjoy the night you deserve it."
Posted on Nov-19-2009

3138 A Gentleman's Toast to the Ladies
A toast to the ladies is a challenge to any speaker. That toast must reflect the charm, wit and personality of the ladies present at the function. The toast to the ladies should make them feel appreciated and special.
Posted on Nov-19-2009

1047 Free Speeches are like Chain Store Clothes
Free speeches are readily available but are not always suitable for the occasion. Speeches need to have a proper format and to say all that ought to be said at an event. Free speeches are usually speeches that have been used repeatedly and have no wow factor.
Posted on Sep-02-2009

9021 Eulogies Should Leave You Smiling Through the Tears
Eulogies are challenging to write and to give. Ina few short words you have to wrap up the achievement of a lifetime. Eulogies should give comfort and pay tribute to the deceased in words that won't be forgotten.
Posted on Sep-02-2009

962 On Line Speeches- Speeches to Meet All your Needs
We all need speeches at some time. On line speeches are the ideal answer when you are asked to say a few words. So whether you are speaking at a wedding, a funeral or a sporting occasion find the speeches you need on line.
Posted on Aug-28-2009