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424 Create Everlasting Wedding Memories with Diamond Solitaire Wedding Rings
Since a long time diamond solitaire wedding rings have been used to represents the feeling and emotions of the would-be-brides and grooms for each other. Solitaire means one and hence diamond solitaire rings prove to be a perfect wedding ring that symbolizes single love that two people share among each other.
Posted on Mar-17-2011

367 Platinum Rings The Rings that Bond with Grace and Elegance
Platinum, also referred as king of all metals and white gold, is much rarer than gold and thus, is four times expensive than the gold. Rings and jewelries made out of platinum are renowned for its distinguish feature like distinctive, purity and durability. There are innumerable design and style of platinum rings available in the market to cater the choice of different customers.
Posted on Mar-17-2011

362 Make your Bride-to-be Feel Elevated with Platinum Rings
Platinum rings are fast becoming the highly preferred choice as wedding rings as they are created from the pure metal making it a classic collection. Such rings are brilliantly-cut and are available at a surprisingly low price.
Posted on Feb-16-2011

357 Diamond Rings: The Best Way to Make your Beloved Feel Special
Diamond rings are best to kindle some love in your relationship or ask your beloved to marry you.
Posted on Feb-16-2011

354 Tips to Consider While Choosing Platinum Rings
Platinum is completely different from other metals like gold as it is more durable, costlier and heavier as compared to gold. It is considered as a real metal that looks elegant and fashionable when used alone for rings.
Posted on Jan-17-2011

372 Diamond Engagement Rings: Symbol of Unfathomable Love
For two lovers, a diamond ring can be a symbol of true love and commitment. Therefore, one need to be very choosy in buying the best ring for his/her life partner. As there are some reputed jewelery online stores available selling this type of rings, so buying online is the great idea.
Posted on Jan-17-2011

368 Photo Wedding Invitation- The Photo Says it All
The photo wedding invitations can now be ordered online. You can add the photographs of your choice in the card to make it extra special.
Posted on Jun-28-2010

342 Wedding Favours- A Way to Express Your Love to your Wedding Guests
There are plenty of ways to use a GPS navigation receiver for both work and recreational reasons- so get yours out and start making the most of it today.
Posted on Jun-04-2010

319 Wedding Favours- A Special Way to Make Your Wedding Memorable For All
Wedding favours are the thank you gifts given out to the wedding guests by the Bride and Groom. They are used to express the happy couples love and gratitude to the guests for their attendance at their wedding celebrations, and as a special keepsake of the day.
Posted on Jun-04-2010

559 Maid of Honor Speeches Express Kinship or Friendship
Maid of honor speeches say it all from a different perspective. They explain why the bride is such a special person and how happy her attendant is for both bride and groom. Her good luck wishes should be sincere and heartfelt.
Posted on Nov-19-2009

505 Father of the Bride Speeches Describe a Lifetime of Loving
Father of the bride speeches should summarize all the love and affection a father has for his daughter and wish the couple well on their big day. So spend time making it welcoming and a little sentimental and your daughter will be as proud of you as you are of her.
Posted on Nov-19-2009

597 London Wedding Venues Now a Craze
When you are searching for wedding venues in London, London wedding venues are the finest place to discover. You must explore the venue with sheer consideration and patience.
Posted on Oct-10-2009

759 Bestman or Best Man the Speeches Should be Relevant
A best man's speech should take into account the type of wedding it is. Bestman speeches may have to be formal or else light-hearted and informal. If he wants to get it right the best man should establish what kind of wedding it he before he writes that speech.
Posted on Sep-02-2009

712 Father of the Bride Speeches Express Love for the Bride
Father of the bride and bride speeches are, necessarily, about love. They express the closeness of the bride with her father and the father of the bride with his daughter. That's fitting because a wedding day is all about love.
Posted on Sep-02-2009