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996 Parking Garage Restoration and Maintenance and Concrete Restoration
It is important to perform regular maintenance on parking garages in order to extend the life of existing parking structures and maintain a clean, functional presence for the public who park in your garage.
Posted on Aug-31-2009

568 Design Build Approach for Parking Garages
The design build approach to seeking bids for parking garage construction is becoming a more popular model for state governments and the private sector. It offers advantages to designers and contractors, Precast concrete components for parking garage construction can help achieve the goals set out for the design-build format, allowing designers to produce economical, attractive projects on schedule.
Posted on Aug-20-2009

554 Parking Garage Construction and Parking Garage Restoration
Hospitals, Medical Centers, Universities, Colleges and Airports all have parking garage needs. New parking garage construction may be a requirement for an expanding hospital or medical facility, a growing university or college and a busy airport. The design build approach is ideal for hospital parking garages, university parking garages and airport parking garages. especially where the projects may be government-funded.
Posted on Aug-20-2009