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33 Benefits of Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Mini Dental Implants
If you are missing one or more teeth, mini dental implants are worth considering as it will restore your smile and dramatically improve your oral health in several ways. However, mini dental implants have the same advantages as conventional teeth implants in replacing missing teeth.
Posted on Feb-08-2020

24 How Digital Dental Implants Help Improve the Quality of Your Life
Dental technologies have improved significantly over the last few years. One of the biggest advantages is that, it provides patients with an excellent dental service without compromising the quality.
Posted on Feb-07-2020

33 Mini Dental Implants to Reinvent your Smile!
When a tooth is lost, you miss more than just an attractive smile.
Posted on Jan-10-2020

28 3 Reasons not to put off Dental Implants
Not everyone will understand the problems with missing teeth unless they have had one.
Posted on Dec-05-2019

50 Here are some reasons to choose Dental Implants for you
Although dental implants may seem like a modern invention, they have been around for many decades.
Posted on Dec-03-2019

45 Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants
Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem, as gaps in your smile can lead to crooked or shifting teeth, bone loss, and decreased self-confidence. Many adults lose one or several of their permanent teeth at some point during their lifetime.
Posted on Nov-14-2019

44 Reasons why Dental implants are a Great Investment
Looking to replace your missed teeth with a new one? Then look no further than dental implants in Melbourne! Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.
Posted on Nov-09-2019

52 Dental Implant Care Guide
Great! We hope that you are delighted with the result.
Posted on Nov-01-2019

69 How Do You Prevent Losing Teeth?
Dental implants Melbourne are a great way to replace your missing teeth.
Posted on Nov-01-2019

50 Interesting Dental Implant Facts
There are many patients in our community living with missing teeth. People with missing teeth cannot smile with confidence, and often struggle to eat
Posted on Oct-17-2019

53 Dental Implant; You Can Get Your Fixed Teeth Back In No Time!
Teeth are an integral part of your body. Loss of one or more teeth causes not only damage to your health but also self-esteem
Posted on Oct-11-2019

43 Lost a tooth in a sports injury? Get Your Smile Back With Dental Implants!
Did you know the rates of orofacial trauma and complications in amateur rugby union players are high in Australia.
Posted on Sep-23-2019

54 How Good Are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are a long-term, fuss-free way of replacing missing teeth.
Posted on Sep-20-2019

74 How Long Does Swelling Last After Dental Implant Surgery?
After getting one or two implants, the recovery time is conveniently short. Swelling after placing the implants into the jawbone are quite common, and it may last for five days. Swelling can be reduced with ice bags wrapped in a towel. Place it on the cheeks for a maximum of ten minutes.
Posted on Aug-21-2019

58 When is the Right Time to Get Dental Implants?
The best time to get dental implants is as soon as you have lost a tooth.
Posted on Jul-07-2019

98 Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?
Is it true that dental implants are expensive? – This is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients who wish to replace their missing tooth with dental implants.
Posted on May-08-2019

98 Dental Implants Help Enhance the Quality of Life
Do you know Osteoporotic women who have replaced their missing teeth with dental implants have experienced an enhanced quality of life?
Posted on Apr-11-2019

190 The Truth About the Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne
In dentistry, dental implants are considered to be as the superior choice for replacing a missing tooth. Patients who had dental implants in Melbourne are happier with the results.
Posted on Mar-14-2019

110 Improve the Stability of the Dental Bridges with the Implant-Supported Bridges
A survey reveals that the global market for dental implants has increased due to the rising demand in cosmetic dentistry.
Posted on Mar-13-2019

133 Don't Put Your Oral Health at Risk with the Missing Tooth, Opt the Dental Implants
A study reveals that over half of the population in Australia admits that they would smile more if they have a perfect smile.
Posted on Feb-21-2019

218 How Dental Implants Outshine when Compared to Dentures?
Do you know nearly 70% of adults aged between 35 and 44 years have at least one missing tooth due to tooth decay, an accident, gum disease or dental fractures? If you suffer from such a problem, you might be wondering what your options are to gain back the confidence you lost with your smile.
Posted on Jan-23-2019

126 Everything you should know about Dental Implants before getting one for yourself!
Despite the so many improvements in dental care, even today people suffer tooth loss mostly due to tooth decay, injury or periodontal disease. Aging is also a factor to consider for losing teeth.
Posted on Dec-09-2018

224 An Overview of Single Tooth Dental Implants
Beyond helping us to eat and speak, teeth serve a number of roles. The roots of a tooth are essential to stimulate the bone.
Posted on Oct-31-2018

204 How Do Dental Implants Help Preserve Your Facial Structure?
Missing teeth can lead to various adverse health effects! First of all, eating and speaking becomes a major concern when the teeth get lost. The missing teeth not only make it harder for you to eat or feel insecure about the smile but also lead to the loss of jawbone.
Posted on Jul-27-2018

251 Dental Implants Are The Perfect Solution For Your Missing Tooth!
Worried about annoying gaps in your mouth due to tooth loss? Here comes the perfect solution, dental implants in Melbourne! Dental implants are just tiny titanium rivets which are inserted to replace the roots of your missing tooth.
Posted on Mar-28-2018