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375 Wedding Dresses Online
5 Benefits Of Shopping For Wedding Dresses Online Buying wedding dresses has long been considered a process that the bride and her friends or family undertake in bridal shops but the Internet is awash with companies offering high quality, beautiful looking wedding dresses online.
Posted on Nov-26-2010

349 Loake shoes from
If you are after a brand of shoes that you can trust then Loake shoes is probably the one for you. Loake shoes are well recognised amongst retailers for offering up only the highest quality shoes for men.
Posted on Nov-24-2010

542 How Diamonds Are Made
The diamonds that you see in jewellery look very different to the rough diamonds that are first found in the ground. All natural diamonds were created billions of years ago, between 20km and 120km below the earth’s surface, and formed from carbon that was exposed to very high temperatures (between about 900C to 1900C) and extremely high pressures (between about 45 and 60 kilobars).
Posted on Nov-02-2010

1773 Urban Clothing from
Being a trend follower can be expensive. Whatever your style is, following the latest clothing releases can work out to cost much more than you think.
Posted on Oct-05-2010