Gareth Hoyle's Article in Home Improvement

208 Choosing The Right Bedroom Furniture
We all love to retreat to our bedroom after a long hard day spent at work. The bedroom is one of the few places where we can really relax and be ourselves and that is why it is so important that we decorate our bedrooms well and use the right bedroom furniture, to create the kind of atmosphere that will allow us to relax and enjoy our time in the bedroom.
Posted on Nov-08-2011

185 What Are Kitchen Shops?
There are two kinds of kitchen shops in the UK. The most common kind sells kitchen utensils such as pots and pans the other kind of sells the actual kitchens.
Posted on Oct-08-2011

278 Enhance your home with classy, durable and affordable oak furniture
Have you just moved home and are looking for some suitable furniture for your new abode?
Posted on Mar-02-2011

644 Subtle and Elegant – Choose Oak
Choosing wooden furniture can be a huge undertaking; you’ve got to look at the room it will be in, how it will be positioned, and the colour of the room that it’ll be in. Oak fits in with most environments, no matter what the colour or layout, and doesn’t overpower the room.
Posted on Sep-11-2010

296 Make a design statement in the home with Modern Rugs.
The popular flooring in today’s modern home is wooden or laminate flooring. Fitted carpets are generally a thing of the past. However vast expanses of floor stretching throughout a room in a hose or flat can look and feel cold and impersonal.
Posted on Sep-11-2010

280 Replacement Kitchen Doors Yorkshire, fitted kitchen doors Yorkshire, Yorkshire kitchen door fitting
If your kitchen as nice as you would like it? For most of us are kitchen is nice but just not as nice as it could be. Over the years doors have got bashed and battered which leaves our kitchen looking dull and unloved.
Posted on Aug-16-2010

310 Oak Bedroom Furniture
For most of us our bedroom is a safe haven away from the rest of the world – it is where we go when we want to relax. For this reason a lot it is worth making sure the room is perfect and exactly what you want.
Posted on Aug-13-2010

272 Enhance Your Living Room with a New Fireplace
When you are redesigning your living room it is important to consider not just the furniture and décor but also the fireplace. Fireplaces can grow tired and outdated over the years. This can really let down a room no matter how much money you spend on redecorating.
Posted on Aug-12-2010

324 Furnish your home with durability – Invest in Oak Furniture
It is not unusual for people to take pride in their homes. After all it is your place of rest, and your own private abode. You work hard all year round to pay for it, and even when that’s done you work even harder to improve it! You can’t stop telling yourself that the quality of your home represents who you are, what you stand for, and people may even use it to judge you on how you live your life.
Posted on Jul-14-2010

418 Oak Kitchen Table Online
Looking to purchase a new oak kitchen table? Want to get a quality piece of furniture but not pay through the roof for it? Shopping online will save you money and it’s really easy!
Posted on Jun-23-2010

432 Finding great deals on fireplaces and wall mounted flueless fires
A fireplace can really bring a room together adding a stunning focal point or feature. Whether you prefer the contemporary look of a sunken fire place or a mantled fireplace, there are some great options to choose from.
Posted on May-28-2010

286 Environmentally Friendly Gardening
All gardeners are already doing something that helps the environment enormously; gardening! However, there are a broad range of methods that gardeners can use to ensure they make a positive contribution to the environment. Doing your bit for the environment will help safeguard the earth for future generations, whether they are gardeners or not. Environmentally friendly gardening doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards; simple techniques and methods such as recycling waste matter is a great
Posted on May-17-2010

522 Oak Furniture – Searching online will save you money and time!
Search from the comfort of your own home for the best oak furniture available! Not only will you find amazing quality furniture, you’ll save buckets of cash!
Posted on Apr-22-2010

347 Belling cookers are the perfect appliance for any busy kitchen
Cookers come under an immense amount of use especially in the family home where any number of meals are cooked every day. If you want to cook a variety of meals that will keep everybody happy then a Belling range cooker is a great choice.
Posted on Mar-06-2010