Gareth Hoyle's Article in Insurance

275 The Benefits Of Photographers Insurance
Photographers insurance is a very specific type of insurance policy that is designed with the photographer in mind.
Posted on Nov-09-2011

225 Safeguard Your Investments With Landlords Insurance UK
If you are lucky enough to own your own properties and wish to rent them out to tenants, you would be foolish if you neglected to acquire some for of landlords insurance UK.
Posted on Oct-12-2011

369 Mis Sold PPI
Payment protection insurance is an insurance policy that basically covers you if you have taken out a loan or credit.
Posted on Nov-11-2010

1152 What Are PPI Claims?
If you have watched TV or read any media recently then you have probably seen adverts for companies offering PPI claims. These companies offer to help you get your money back on loans that you have paid unnecessarily - But it can't be that simple, can it?
Posted on Sep-18-2010

344 Concerns over New NHS Records Systems See Patients Turning To Private Health Care
Key aspects of the recent million pound attempt to upgrade the NHS information technology systems have been criticised as being ineffective and unsecure.
Posted on Jul-21-2010

1100 How Do You Know If You Have Been Mis Sold PPI
Thousands of people have been mis sold PPI policies over the last few years and many don’t even know they have been paying for cover that they don’t need or is worthless to them.
Posted on Jul-15-2010

335 Are You Protected Should The Worst Happen?
You may be overawed by the amount of differences between insurance companies but that should not deter you from the fact that insurance is extremely vital if you don't want to lose everything. From Home and Contents to Buildings insurance there's plenty you need to know - read on to find out more.
Posted on Jun-24-2010

279 The benefits of shopping around for Car Insurance
Shopping around for car insurance is vital. Why? It's the same as everything else; by looking online you can save time and money.
Posted on Mar-22-2010