Gareth Hoyle's Article in Pets

261 Guard Dog Training
There could be many specific reasons why you may be looking for guard dog training but it all stems from one thing – security.
Posted on Oct-17-2011

350 Guard Dogs
Unfortunately over the last 30 years times have changed and our homes are not as safe as they once were. Of course the likelihood of you being burgled varies depending on where you live as crime rates will vary up and down the country.
Posted on Oct-14-2011

597 Cat food
Providing your cat with the best quality cat food available is an important part of its care and cat owners have a wide range of options for fussy moggies, including wet cat food and dry food choices.
Posted on Jul-09-2011

407 Buy Chihuahua Puppies for Sale, Not From a Shelter
Many 'experts' that work at animal shelters will tell you that buying Chihuahua puppies for sale is somehow bad or wrong, because they know Chihuahuas that are waiting to be adopted at the shelter.
Posted on May-19-2011

301 Cat litter from
Running low on cat litter? It's the same story each month. Your sawdust runs low and you have to make a mad dash to the supermarket to buy replacement litter. Wait a minute though.
Posted on Nov-16-2010

480 Live food
A guide to the Live food options that are available for reptiles.
Posted on Oct-09-2010