Ian Basford's Article in Auctions

725 Why Not Give Yourself An Advantage Over The Majority Of eBay Sellers?
With so many auctions going on at the same time, why not give yourself an advantage over the vast majority of eBay sellers? When listing items for sale, there is one characteristic shared by most successful sellers...
Posted on Dec-11-2010

738 Are You Following These Simple Guidelines For Selling Expensive Items On Ebay?
Selling expensive items on eBay is no different in many ways to selling low-cost items. No matter what you're selling, it all comes down to how you market the item. Following these few simple rules should help you get the most out of selling your higher-priced items on eBay...
Posted on Nov-03-2010

1055 Can You Be Successful Selling Cheap Items On Ebay?
Anyone who sells cheap items on Ebay has a lot of work to do because their chosen business model is essentially one of bulk. They will often have hundreds of individual items in their inventory at any one time. This means that there are a lot of auction listings...
Posted on Oct-31-2010