Jason Khoury's Article in Home Improvement

35 Things to Consider When Renovating Your House
A home renovation can be overwhelming, whether it’s making small changes in your kitchen, giving your house a splendid makeover, or just redoing the bathroom. A renovation project involves a lot of planning and chances are high you may exceed the budget if not planned well.
Posted on Jul-08-2020

28 Exploring the Trends in New Homes
Are you planning on building your dream home and wondering what is new in building and home design trends? Aren’t you? Building a dream house is not always easy as you have to make a lot of decisions.
Posted on Jul-08-2020

24 Top Reasons Why You Should Get Your Home Custom Built
For many, the idea of building a custom home is thought to be costly affair and daunting task to deal with. Custom home is often the most misunderstood segment of housing.
Posted on Jul-08-2020

58 Tips To Choose the Right Design For Your New Home
Constructing your new home can be overwhelming. While constructing your dream home, it is necessary to plan ahead about the design of your new home. Without the proper design ideas, it will be more difficult to complete the construction work.
Posted on Apr-17-2020

61 Factors to Consider While Building a New Home
For most people, building a new home is one of the greatest dreams in their life. It is always a better option to build your own house rather than buying an old house from someone.
Posted on Apr-16-2020

64 Budget-Friendly Tips for Renovating Your House
No matter if your budget is small or big, home renovation budget can quickly go out of control even before you realise it. Yes, you may start it with small renovations around your house.
Posted on Jan-20-2020