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56 How to Find a Reliable Jewelry Repair Store
So you are looking for a reliable jewelry repair store to restore your jewelry piece or watch. Should you bring it to renowned jewelry repair Albuquerque store or a local jeweler? Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear.
Posted on Mar-03-2020

50 Read these 5 Important Tips Before Consulting a Jewelry Repair Professional
Everyone gets a sense of satisfaction when they work with a professional jeweler who can assist in making the right purchase of a beautiful piece of jewelry. It's even better to work with the same jeweler who offers reliable repairs for any damage caused to your precious possession.
Posted on Nov-21-2019

74 These 5 Popular Myths About Jewelry You Should Never Believe
Jewelry is not just an accessory, but a part of our lifestyle. They hold great value and people adore them for its charm and elegance. As with anything else, there are several misconceptions about jewelry that people seem to believe for a long time.
Posted on Oct-29-2019

63 Jewelry Basics - What You Should Know About Ring Resizing
Ring resizing refers to the process of modifying either the metal or material of a ring to make it fit a larger or a smaller finger. Once you know the size of the ring you need, it is a pretty straightforward process.
Posted on Oct-21-2019

256 Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band for the Groom
Picking the right wedding band is a huge deal and requires careful attention and planning.
Posted on Mar-26-2019

131 Why Solitaire Diamond Rings Are an Enduring and Unbreakable Symbol of Love
Do you wish to sweep your special someone off her feet when you spring the proposal? Well, would you like to go with the classic solitaire ring or delight her with a full circled engagement ring?
Posted on Jan-12-2019

168 Diamonds Are Not Only For Special Occasions
When you say diamonds, automatically you use to think about galas, special parties and events. But, the fact is diamonds are a piece of fine jewelry, which can include in our daily outfits. It gives simple and royalty look.
Posted on Nov-20-2018

227 Complete Guide on Rose Gold Engagement Rings
Are you looking for the perfect ring for your engagement? You must choose “pink tourmaline ring in rose gold”!
Posted on Nov-09-2018

136 An Expert Guide to Buying a Custom Engagement Ring
If you are looking to surprise the woman of your dreams or the love of your life, look no further than proposing with a custom diamond ring that is crafted just for your partner and will only ever be theirs.
Posted on Jul-23-2018

8957 Why Buying or Gifting Diamond Jewelry is the Right Choice
Diamond is a very rare kind of stone occurring in nature that gives sparkling glow and luxurious touch to the ornaments.
Posted on Apr-25-2018

428 Diamond Rings – The Perfect Romantic Gift for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Are you continuously thinking, “What should I get my girlfriend for the special day?” The answer is simple: give something romantic and heartfelt gesture of love that will endure as a testament to your enduring relationship.
Posted on Jan-11-2018