Michelle Diamond-reece's Article in Jewelry

86 Tips for Finding a Beautiful Engagement Ring at an Affordable Price
An engagement ring is a monumental gift, a commitment, and a significant investment as well.
Posted on Apr-06-2020

95 How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry
The real challenge of owning diamond jewelry is caring for that diamond. Of course, diamonds are the hardest substance on earth.
Posted on Mar-30-2020

119 Everything You Need to Know About Diamond 4Cs
Diamonds are recognized as a symbol for love and status.
Posted on Jan-31-2020

105 Want to Get Your Watch Repaired? Ask these 4 Questions Before You Do
Watch is one of those accessories that people would love to flaunt and take good care of.
Posted on Dec-31-2019

113 Tips To Choose The Right Diamond For The First Time
Diamonds are the most popular center stone choice for any type of jewelry. Everyone has their own personal taste in diamond cuts. So you’ve made the decision to buy diamond jewelry
Posted on Nov-21-2019

121 Tips To Choose The Right Jewelry Repair Shop
If your wedding ring or any other jewel has become damaged, you need to trust your precious keepsake to an expert who offers jewelry repair in Albuquerque and well versed in restoring precious diamonds and metals
Posted on Nov-07-2019

144 Buying an Engagement Ring? Check Out these 5 Qualities Before You Do
An engagement ring symbolizes permanency of a relationship, and a deeper commitment of the partners to love and support each other.
Posted on Oct-10-2019

204 Quick Guide: Finding a Lost Diamond
One of the worst feelings has to be the panic you feel when you realize your diamond is not on your ring where it belongs.
Posted on Jul-05-2019

248 Reasons You Need to Take Your Ring for Prong Repair
Jewelry, especially rings are very expensive and once bought most people do not actually care about any maintenance thereafter.
Posted on Jun-23-2019

139 A Glimpse on Necklace Bail Repair
Women love wearing Necklaces and pendants. It is really a sentimental item for them to wear.
Posted on Jun-19-2019

153 Planning to Propose With an Elegant Diamond Ring? Learn the Art of Manliness
The engagement ring is a symbol of your love, and it is the token of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level.
Posted on Apr-22-2019

305 Let’s Learn About Different Shades of Diamond – A Brief Guide
While diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, people are still unaware of the options they have in terms of colors.
Posted on Apr-15-2019

179 Ask these 4 Questions Before Getting your Jewelry Repaired
Jewelry is precious to anyone and it could be devastating to see it broken or damaged. To ensure that it is restored back to form, you’d have to seek the assistance of a service offering jewelry repair in Albuquerque that you could trust.
Posted on Mar-18-2019

332 Top Five Trending Diamond Rings You’ll be seeing in 2019
Are you planning to get engaged soon? Congrats! The engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story which marks the stepping stone towards a partnership between two souls that would last a lifetime.
Posted on Dec-20-2018

458 Things to Know About Your Engagement Ring
Getting engaged is incredibly exciting. One of the first questions from an alarming number of people, when they hear someone is engaged, is about the engagement ring.
Posted on May-18-2018

622 What to Wear and When to Wear – Jewelry Tips for Girls
Women’s are passionate about diamond jewelry since ages! Besides providing elegance and beauty, wearing jewelry symbolizes immense power and royalty.
Posted on Apr-15-2018

390 Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Diamond Jewelry
Buying a diamond is meant to be a joyous occasion. But some people find it difficult to be happy while they are navigating through the confusion and daunting aspects that are involved in purchasing diamond from Albuquerque Jewelers.
Posted on Feb-12-2018

347 Ways to Check the Quality of the Diamond
Planning to surprise your loved one? If so, what things are in your gift list? flower? day out? then? Yes, Diamond! Gifting diamond would be the best and opulent option to impress your soul-mate.
Posted on Dec-12-2017

443 Gentlemen's Wedding Bands - Find One that Actually Fits
Usually, a guy puts a ton of thoughts on choosing the perfect, flawless engagement ring for his fiancé. But, when it comes to his own wedding band, he remains clueless about the options.
Posted on Nov-16-2017

530 Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Buying Diamond Jewelry
Jewelry has been an essential part of human culture since beyond the reach of memory. It is a great way to flaunt one’s wealth, social status and affluence.
Posted on Oct-12-2017

528 Add Sparkle to Your Bridal Style with Diamond Wedding Rings
Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most special day, and you want to celebrate the special day in style. When it comes to adding a little sparkle to your wedding look, your wedding gown is only just the beginning of your bridal style.
Posted on Sep-11-2017

524 How to Pick the Right Diamond Pendant? Here are 4 Tips
A beautifully crafted diamond pendant is necessary for an elegant look. Even a minimalistic diamond pendant would suffice to create a style statement. Any woman would fancy wearing a diamond pendant and flaunt confidently.
Posted on Aug-14-2017

609 Bespoke Engagement Ring Designs of 2017 to Celebrate Your Eternal Love
Jewelry is an extension of yourself and your personality! Engagement rings are the symbol of eternal love and of sharing a timeless bond throughout one’s love life.
Posted on Jul-13-2017

583 What to Consider before Buying Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds are one of the most treasured and in demand precious metals in the world. They are celebrated as a symbol of wealth and status. Diamond jewelry comes in distinct styles, both contemporary and traditional, giving buyers several different options.
Posted on Jun-26-2017

596 Five Common Myths about Diamonds Revealed!
Diamond is the most popular gemstone in the world and has indeed turned into an important element of contemporary lifestyle. Diamonds denote profound love and intense commitment and investing in diamond jewelry is a significant ritual for all those seeking such eternal values.
Posted on May-29-2017