Mr William Hauselberg's Article in Beauty

936 What Happens During a Mani Pedi at a Salon?
People who have been for many manicures and pedicures know the standard process. However, walking into the salon for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming.
Posted on Jul-05-2013

457 How to Cure Baldness in Men
Hair loss is something that millions of men struggle with. Although it is a fact of life for a large majority of men, it can still be very difficult to cope with.
Posted on Jan-12-2012

374 Visiting a Salon when Traveling to the Outer Banks North Carolina
The Outer Banks of North Carolina begin about 90 miles south of Norfolk, Virginia and stretch some 130 miles south. A series of barrier islands, the Outer Banks have some of the best beaches anywhere along the Atlantic Coast.
Posted on Jan-06-2011